Overwatch Bug Makes Death Permanent Upon Losing Capture Point

A new Overwatch bug has been discovered that prevents players from respawning if they died at exactly the moment when they lost a Capture Point.

The timing is everything here. Once an enemy side picks up an objective, the game somehow forgets that there are still players waiting on death timers to join the battle. As the system moves ahead to the new spawning point farther down the map, the Overwatch bug leaves dead players stuck in limbo.

The clip below is from a recent streaming session of TimTheTatman, who was not amused to receive a permanent death.

However, this is not the first time that the bug has surfaced. A couple of weeks back, a similar issue was highlighted by another streamer, and there have been reports from other players in the community as well. It confirms that the bug was not introduced with the recent arrival of the new patch.

While death is permanent, players can simply log out and back into the game to refresh their status. Rejoining does fix the bug but it also forces an extended death timer, depending on how long it takes for a player to go through the cumbersome process. During this, the enemy team is free to advance on the map and take advantage of disconnected players.

The bug, though, does not seem to be affecting everyone since it is based on deaths coinciding with the loss of Capture Points. Nonetheless, it is something that needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Blizzard has acknowledged the problem but is yet to state when a hot-fix will arrive.

Last week, majority of players across all platforms began facing client crashes with the release of Patch 1.10.1. After a quick investigation, Blizzard revealed that the “crashes are very likely connected to D.Va’s presence within a game.” It took the developer a few hours to find a solution and squash the bug.

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