Overwatch 2 LC 208 Error “Disconnected from Game Server” Fix

The Overwatch 2 launch has been far from perfect with some errors making the gameplay experience bitter. Many players’ Overwatch 2 experiences have been ruined by the LC-208 Disconnect from the game server error. This guide will explain how to resolve the ‘Disconnected from Game Server’ error.

How to fix LC 208 disconnected from game server error in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 LC 208 Error is quite annoying and it’s been faced by overwatch players all around the world. This error disconnects the players from the game servers mid-game leaving them helpless.

As LC 208 is a network-related error, the solution also revolves around your connection to the game server so you don’t have to worry about game updates or reinstalling stuff.

Update: Blizzard has implemented some fixes for LC 208 error and are working on more so hopefully, players will no longer face the issue. If you still however can’t gain access to the game servers, try our solutions below

Check server status

First things first, actually make sure the game servers are operational. Since its the early days of the game going free to play, there is a lot of traffic and servers might not be able to handle it.

You can check the server status from official forums or other community hubs, like Reddit. Also, you can turn to Downdetector – a platform that relies on user feedback to detect outages.

If the server is down, bad news it is! You can’t do anything here because it’s out of your hands. Only Blizzard entertainment can fix this on their end and then you can proceed to the game.

Internet Connection

The root cause of the LC-208 error is a weak internet connection. So, make sure that you have a stable internet connection. If you are facing these, try rebooting your router or contact your internet service provider.

Alternatively, it is possible that your ISP might have some systems in place to firewall game connection. You can try to use a VPN service and see if that lets you connect to the game servers.

Your latency might be high with a VPN but if it works at least the game will be playable.

Also make sure no Firewall is blocking connection and your NAT type is set to Open (Nat 2 in the case of consoles)

Change the DNS

DNS servers may also be the cause of this error. If that’s the case, the fix is pretty straightforward, all you need is to switch your DNS address to either Google or OpenDNS and try logging into Overwatch 2 once again.

Looking Glass test

The Looking Glass test is a handy network troubleshooting tool made by Blizzard. You can use this tool to troubleshoot ISP throttling, traceroutes, and ping tests.

This tool saves you the need to manually run packet loss and ping tests. Here’s how to use this test.

  • Open up the Looking-Glass Website.
  • Hover over to the Region Combo option and select your Region.
  • Select the Service from the corresponding menu.
  • Select the Test you want and hit the Run button.

Be patient and the results will be displayed in the Test Result section.

Try changing regions

While the game servers might be global and allow you to play with friends from anywhere, the login ones aren’t. If you are on PC, you have the option to launch the game from a different region.

If American servers continue to give LC 208 error in OW2

  • Simply close the game
  • Go to Battle.net client and next to the play button you will see a globe
  • Click on the globe and a list will open where you can select regions.
  • Try Europe or Asia and the game will take you through those login servers and hopefully you can get in.

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