Overwatch 2 Cosmetic Types

Overwatch 2 is here with all new cosmetics in addition to sprays, emotes, skins etc. Just like the original game, cosmetics in Overwatch 2 don’t give players any advantage and are purely for aesthetic reasons and make the game exciting.

With the plethora of customization options in Overwatch 2, using these cosmetics you can make customizations to your character or weapons that you use. You can equip your character with voice lines or you can have emotes to flex on your opponents after a good kill or ultimate use.

Overwatch 2 cosmetic types

There are four types of new cosmetics released for OW2 on top of the already available categories; weapon charms, name cards, player titles and souvenirs.

Weapon charms

Weapon charms in OW2 are used to change the appearance of the weapon you use. You can apply as many weapon charms to your weapon as you like. They actually are used for personalization purposes.

Like a specific weapon charm could be your signature weapon style. You can equip a weapon charm on any hero weapon you like.

Name cards

Name cards basically customize the career profile. If you don’t know what a career profile is, it is an extensive profile entailing everything about your game; how many hours you have played, what is your rank, what heroes you use.

So players use this profile to determine their strengths and weaknesses. What this cosmetic will do is it will print a banner on top of your career profile.

Player titles

Player title is basically your nickname in Overwatch 2. This is another cosmetic to enhance your profile. Along with your original name, you can add a secondary name as well.


Souvenirs are the most unique and craziest cosmetic that you can have in OW2. You have a wide variety of items that can be equipped to your character and would be used by using emote in a game.

Souvenirs are basically a mixture of sprays and emotes. Instead of your character performing an emote, they basically hold this souvenir in the air which looks pretty much like the wall sprays.

However, instead of players having to look on walls for your spray, they can easily see the player holding a souvenir.

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