How to Fish in Outward – Fishing Tips, How to Get Fishing Harpoon

In our Outward Fishing Guide, we’ll show you everything you need to know about how to fish in the game, finding the Fishing Harpoon, and some fishing tips.

In a world brimming with energy and filled with activities to carry out, Outward also throws opportunities in the player’s way to earn money and survive better in the world. Fishing is one such aspect that follows the aforementioned idea and elements. Our Fishing Guide will talk about ways to catch fish and their benefits in the game.

Outward Fishing Guide

Consuming fish poses various benefits and some of these effects depend on the type of aquatic animal you’ll be feasting on. For example, regular fishes will regenerate HP while the rarer ones like shrimps will restore your Mana.

When you’re well fed and all the meters relating to your HP and survivability are replenished, you can earn a decent amount by selling these fish to a merchant.

Again, the monetary value you’ll be able to derive will depend on the value and rarity of the caught fish.

Firstly, you’ll need the tools for fishing which, in the case of Outward, is just a Fishing Harpoon that you can purchase from most of the vendors in the game for a cost of 25 Silver Coins.

However, if you’re big on saving your precious Silver Coins, then there’s also a method that requires no funds at all.

Where to Find Fishing Harpoon?

To find the Fishing Harpoon, you can head to either of the two locations that we’ve discovered for the item as of now. The first location is in the Cierzo region which also happens to be the area you’ll start your adventure in.

Head to the beach in the northwestern part of the city. Make your way to the local pier behind the construction site to acquire the Fishing Harpoon.

Alternatively, you can head to the Hyena Cave near the town of Cierzo to obtain the Fishing Harpoon. Do note that the items you find here are randomized, but you have a chance of acquiring the Fishing Harpoon if you’re fortunate enough.

How to Fish

Fishing cannot be carried out in all water bodies. Making your way to the shores and water bodies, you’ll need to look for bubbles emerging in these streams.

This indicates the presence of aquatic life here since as you move forward, you’ll even be able to observe some fish through the water. One of the locations seems to be on the same beach in Cierzo from where you first acquired the Fishing Harpoon.

Once near such a water body, equip the Fishing Harpoon from your inventory and press the appropriate key to catch a fish or more and call it a success.

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