Outward Crafting Recipes Guide – Food, Alchemy, Weapons, Crafting Materials Locations

In our Outward Crafting Recipes Guide, we’ve shown you everything you need to know about finding Crafting Materials and recipes for Food, Alchemy, Weapons.

In Nine Dots Studio and Deep Silver’s latest open-world RPG, Outward, you’ll have to venture across the vast and hazardous land to collect items and recipes so that you can increase your odds of survival.

You can craft and unlock many different Weapons, Foods, Potions, and other items to make yourself more powerful.

We’ve prepared this simple Crafting Guide for Outward that lists every item you can craft and their recipes in 3 different categories i.e. Cooking Pot, Alchemist, and Weapons.

Outward Crafting Recipes

Salt is difficult to find ingredient that is used for many foods in Outward and lets you make easy Travel Rations so you can explore other regions. Cierzo is your best bet for getting salt.

You’ll need as much Water Skin as you can get. Make sure it’s empty and then head down to the beach. Gather Salt Water from the sea into your Water Skin, run up to the Lighthouse, and into the Kitchen.

Use the Water Skin filled with Salt Water to make 5x Clean Water and 5x Salt. Alternatively, you can also search Salt Mines and other resource nodes but that will be much slower.


Fishing is a great way to gather items and regular food that becomes available right after the initial tutorial. You can use many tools for this task but the Fishing Harpoon is your best bet so make it your priority to get one.

You can purchase one for 20 Silver from any store in town. After acquiring this item, simply find a body of water with a fishing spot. The town of Cierzo has many of those spots marked by bubbles in the water from a distance and swimming fishes.

You can find many more locations across the world of Outward.

Cooking Pot Items

  • Gaberry Jam: 4x Gaberries
  • Pot-Au-Dey-Du Pirate: 3x Fish + Salt
  • Turmmip Potage: 3x Turmmip + Salt
  • Gaberry Tartine: Bread + Gaberry Jam
  • Meat Stew: Meat + 1x Gaberries + Salt
  • Mushroom Bar: 4x Common Mushroom
  • Mineral Tea: Clean Water + Gravel Beetle
  • Dry Mushroom Bar: 4x Common Mushroom
  • Ocean Fricassee: Larva Egg + Fish + Seaweed
  • Pungent Paste: Egg + Ochre Spice Beetle + Fish
  • Cierzo Ceviche: Rainbow Trout + Seaweed + Salt
  • Miner’s Omelet: Egg + Egg + Common Mushroom
  • Spicy Bitter Tea: Clean Water + Ochre Spice Beetle
  • Soothing Tea: Clean Water + 1x Seaweed at cooking Pot/Kitchen
  • Luxe Lichette: Azure Shrimp + Larva Egg + Seaweed + Raw Rainbow Trout

Alchemist Items

  • Crystal Powder: 4x Mana Stone
  • Mist Potion: River Water + Ghost’s Eye
  • Cold Stones x3: Mana Stone + Blue Sand
  • Hex Cleaner: Clean Water + Greasy Fern + Salt
  • Endurance Potion: Clean Water + Krimp Nut + Egg
  • Great Astral Potion: 1x Astral Potion + 1x Ghost Eyes
  • Fire Stone: 1x Mana Stone + 1x Thick Oil at Alchemy Kit
  • Great Endurance Potion: Endurance Potion + Krimp Nut
  • Discipline Potion: 1 water + 1 Ochre Spice Beetle + Livweedi
  • Astral Potion: 1x Star Mushroom + 1x Turmmip + Clean Water
  • Life Potion: 1x Gravel Beetle + 1x Blood Mushroom + Clean Water
  • Spiritual Varnish: 1x Gaberry Wine + 1x Ghost Eye + 1x Mana Stone
  • Poison Varnish: 1x Gaberry Wine + 1x Occult Remains + 1x Miasmapod + 1x Grilled Crabeye Seed

Weapon And Other Utility Items

  • Arrow: 1x Wood + 1x Iron Scrap
  • Bullets: 1x Iron Scrap + 1x Thick Oil
  • Fire Rag: 1x Thick Oil + 1x Linen Cloth
  • Ice Rag: 1x Seaweed + 1x Linen Cloth
  • Poison Rag: 1x Grilled Crabeye Seed + Linen Cloth
  • Fang Axe: 1x Iron Axe, 1x Predator Bones, 1x Linen Scrap
  • Old Lantern: 2x Iron Scraps + 1x Thick Oil + 1x Linen Cloth
  • Horror Bow: 2x Horror Chitan + War Bow + Occult Remains
  • Ice: Flame Torch: Makeshift Torch + Cold Stone + Iron Scrap
  • Fang Club: 1x Iron Mace + 1x Predator Bones, 1x Linen Scrap
  • Fang Sword: 1x Iron sword + 1x Predator bones + 1x Linen Scrap
  • Fang Trident: 1x Iron Spear + 2x Predator Bones + 1x Linen Scrap
  • Ammolite Helm: 1x Ammolite + Padded Helm + 1x Palladium Scrap
  • Ammolite Boots: 1x Ammolite + Padded boots + 1x Palladium Scrap
  • Ammolite Armor: 1x Ammolite + Padder Armor + 1x Palladium Scrap
  • Crescent Greataxe: 2x Shark Cartilage + Palladium Scrap + Felling Axe
  • Coralhorn Bow: Recurve Bow + 2x Occult Remains + 1x Crystal Powder