Outward Best Weapons Locations Guide

Like any RPG out there, it’s essential to have a good weapon choice to make the journey easier. In our Outward Weapons Guide, I’ve listed down some of the best weapons found in the game for the start of the game as well as towards the end of the game.

Outward Best Weapons Locations

Best Weapons Description Location
Felling Greataxe This is the most powerful weapon you can get your hands on at the start of the game. This is a two-handed Great Axe that does18 points of damage. Can be found in the eastern part of the city of Cierzo in front of the Town Hall on some boxes.
The Simple Bow Although arrows are rare at the start, bows can still prove to be very useful in the beginning and this is the very first bow you can get your hands on. Found on the corpse in Blister Burrow. The Blister Burrow is located to the northeast of the Chersonese.
Brutal Club You can get the Cleaver Halberd at the same place where you find this, however, this is much better. Although it’s a lesser range, it’s a one-handed weapon that does 29 damage so you can carry a shield or a torch on your offhand. Found in the Bandit Camp in the northern part of Chersonese. Just look in the map and you should be able to spot it. Defeat the leader of the Bandit Camp and he’ll drop a key. Use the key to get to the Throne Room where you’ll find the mace.
Tuanosaur Greataxe The strongest axe in the game. Does 44 damage and on top of that, inflicts extreme bleed damage. Can be crafter using: 2x Alpha Tuanosaur tail 1x Brutal Greataxe 1x Palladium Scrap
Tsar Claymore A two-handed sword that does a massice damage of 76 points. Additionally, it has infinite durability. The only down side is that it weighs 9.0. Can be Crafted using: 2x Tsar Stone 1x Palladium Scraps 1x Hackmanite
Worldedge Greataxe The damage on the weapon is nothing to write home about. It does about 13 damage, however, apart from that, it also does 40 decay damage. That means that using this you’ll completely ignore enemy’s armor. Obtained from defeating the Hive Lord Boss who is located in the Forest Hives Cave at the Colossal Hive, southeast of Enmerkar Forest.
Pillar Greathammer Although it doesn’t have any special effects, it still has a great damage potential. The damage done by this thing is 61 and the impact is 75. Travel to the Spire of Light at the Hallowed Marsh region. The Pillar Greathammer can be found in the wall behind the Legacy Chest.
Thrice-Wrought Halberd This is a very unique weapon. Instead of dealing any physical damage, this deals both frost and fire damage. Obtained from the chest in the area where you have to defeat the five Shell Horrors. They can be found in the Cabal of Winds Temple, located South-west of the Enmerkar Forest.
Horror Bow One of the best ranged weapons in the game. Apart from the physical damage, it also does poison damage. Can be Crafted using: 2x Horror Chitin 1x War Bow 1x Occult Remains

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