Outriders Size Comes In At 46 Gigs On Playstation 5, Almost 48 On Playstation 4

Outriders size is apparently around 46 gigs on Playstation 5, and almost 48 gigs on Playstation 4, without the Day One patch.

One big issue with games these days is their size, but a recent reveal has showed us the Outriders size for both the Playstation 4 and Playstation 5 versions of the game. Apparently, the game will clock in at around 46 gigabytes on Playstation 5, and around 47 gigabytes on Playstation 4 without the Day One patch.

This is especially valuable for Playstation 5 owners to know, considering that a significant part of the console’s memory is taken up by its own architecture. Game size has become much more of a premium these days as various large games demand dozens of gigabytes of storage space.

Outriders’ size will hopefully be further cut down by not being a games-as-a-service title, as stated by its developer People Can Fly. While the game has multiplayer and encourages players to work in teams, the game is not focused on microtransactions and loot-grinding and will only get DLC if there’s demand for it.

The current Outriders size is without the game’s day-one patch as well, which is likely to increase its size at least somewhat as People Can Fly fixes up issues that they weren’t able to fix before the game had to go to get printed onto discs.

The Day One patch at least makes the Playstation 5 version of the game go up to around 46.5 gigabytes (specifically 46.482 gigabytes), though there’s no news on how much the Playstation 4’s version will go up when it gets the patch. That version is already nearly 48 gigabytes, but the patch may push it over that number.

So, if you’re excited to see what People Can Fly have done with Outriders, you should make it so that you have enough space on your Playstation console of choice to run it. Once again, the Outriders size is roughly 46 gigs on the Playstation 5, and nearly 48 gigs on the Playstation 4. The game will come out on Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC on April 1.

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