Outriders Canyon of the Grand Obelisk Chest Locations Guide

Different areas in Outriders house all kinds of loot that will improve your character’s overall performance. In this Outriders Canyon of the Grand Obelisk Loot Chest Locations Guide, we’ll show you the location of every chest found in this specific area.

Outriders Canyon of the Grand Obelisk Loot Chest Locations

Looting chests in Outriders is an excellent way to earn reliable loot that can enhance your abilities and increase your survivability throughout the game.

There are a total of eight chests to be discovered in the Canyon of the Grand Obelisk area, all of which can be found at their respective locations below.

Chest #1 – Canyon Entrance
You can find the first chest at the bottom left in the Canyon Entrance. Head through the circular gateway, and turn left to find it.

Chest #2 – Canyon Entrance
Continue forward up the sets of stairs and turn left into the structure to find the chest.

Chest #3 – Canyon Overlook
The third chest can be found in Canyon Overlook. Continue forward through and turn to your first right. Keep going deeper until you find a chest next to the edge.

Chest #4 – Ruined Altar
You can find another chest in Ruined Altar, right next to the ‘Open the Door’ marker during the quest ‘Sacrifice’ in the objective ‘Search for clues about what happened to the dead humans.’ Simply turn right from the blue gear icon.

Chest #5 – Near the Wrecked APC (Canyon Entrance)
The fifth chest is located near the wrecked APC as you come in from the Canyon Entrance. Instead of going completely straight through the area, turn to the left towards the side area, and you’ll find a chest right next to the pillars.

Chest #6 – Near the Wrecked APC (Canyon Entrance)
Retrace your way back, and ascend further up the stairs. Go through the entrance and turn left in the tomb to find a chest at the very end.

Chest #7 – Untended Mausoleum
You can find the 7th chest in the Untended Mausoleum.

Chest #8 – The Monolith
The final chest in this area can be found in The Monolith. To the left of the beam, tucked away safely behind a structure. You might not be able to see it at first, so you need to walk around it.

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