Outriders Best Technomancer Mods Guide

Mods are skills in Outriders that let you add extra buffs to your Weapons and Armors. Each mod has its...

Mods are skills in Outriders that let you add extra buffs to your Weapons and Armors. Each mod has its own attributes and they are classified into three tiers. In this guide, we will discuss all of the Technomancer Mods in Outriders for both Weapons and Armors.

Outriders Best Technomancer Mods

To obtain a mod in Outriders, you need to dismantle a Weapon or Armor. The rarity of the weapons and armors matters for getting certain tier mods.

Rare Weapons and Armors drop Tier 1 mods, while the Epic Weapons and Armors will drop Tier 1 and Tier 2 mods. Legendary Items will also drop Tier 2 and Tier 3 mods upon dismantling them.

You can only attach one mod to a Rare item, two mods on Epic and Legendary items, and one Tier 3 mod on Legendary Weapons and Armors. Any class can use general Mods for almost every weapon and armor, but Technomancer Mods add skills for the Technomancer class specifically.

Below you can find every Technomancer mod categorized by their Tiers:

Tier 1 Mods

Advanced Rockets: More damage is dealt to the enemy when hit by a rocket.

Armor Reduction: Reduces the armor of the enemy by 20% when hit by the bullets of the turret for 5 seconds.

Bang For Your Buck: Increases base ammo for the selected weapon by 100%.

Better Parts: The availability of turret is increased by 50%.

Bonus Duration: 30% increase in the duration of the turret.

Cleansing Wind: Removes any negative status on your teammates and grants immunity for 5 seconds.

Cold Purification: Removes negative status from you and your teammates and grants immunity for 5 seconds.

Critical Analysis: 30% increase in critical damage.

Demolition Man: More damage is dealt by the rockets.

Feedback: Heals you for 3% of the amount of damage dealt using the turret.

Fine-Tuned: 33% increase in detection and explosion radius.

Fortify: Grants 18,424 Armor bonus.

Freeze Barrage: Hitting an enemy with rockets will apply a freezing effect on them.

Hail Shot: The damage of the turret is increased by the amount of Status Power available.

Ice Component: Inflicts Freeze effect on the enemies.

Ice Pack: Any teammates within your radius will get healed by 30% of their maximum health when using the turret.

Increase Damage: Turrets shots now deal extra damage.

Initial Blast: The explosion is reduced but deals extra damage to the enemies within a 5-meters radius of the explosion.

More Damage: Skill damage is increased significantly.

More Traps: Equip extra mine that can be thrown before the cooldown expires.

No Pain, No Gain: Spreads 40% of the damage dealt during the skill in the form of health among the allies.

Portable Armory: One extra rocket is equipped.

Rain of Pain: 34% reduction in skill cooldown.

Spare Mag: You get an extra magazine before the skill expires.

Supplies: An extra mine can be placed before the skill period ends.

Surprise: The turret will explode now instead of getting destroyed and deal damage to enemies in a 6-meter radius.

Trick Up The Sleeve: Killing an enemy will give you 30% extra bullets while the skill is active.

Untouchable: 15% resistance when using the Minigun.

Tier 3

Breathe In: Skill cooldown is reduced by 30%.

Cannonade: You can now fire 10 rocket launchers using this mod.

Quartermaster: Gives one weapon magazine to your teammates when the skill is active. 45 seconds cooldown is implemented on this skill.

Rocket Man: Increases the number of rocket launchers by 3.

Trap Cluster: You can now throw double the amount of mines using this skill.

Best Technomancer Mods

All of the mods that are mentioned above can be used for different build styles, whether it be aggressive or stealth. For a complete all-rounder build, use the following mods:

  • Rain of Pain
  • Cannonade
  • Bang For Your Buck
  • No Pain, No Gain
  • Quartermaster