Outriders Best Technomancer Builds Guide

In this Outriders guide, we go over the skills of the technomancer class in detail and then outline some great builds that you can utilize in the game.

Outriders Best Technomancer Builds

Technomancers are great support characters in Outriders. These are long-range and tech-savvy characters. They are the only class capable of healing others and themselves as a part of their abilities, so they have a vitally unique position in any team.

Aside from healing, they can control the battlefield from a distance and deal some good damage, although not the best for solo outings.

Let’s take a look at their skills before we move onto one of the best beginner builds for the Technomancer class in Outriders.

Technomancer Skills

  • Scrapnel: You throw a proximity device that explodes, deals Damage and interrupts the skills of enemies. (skill type: Ordnance, Interrupt).
  • Cryo Turret: Place a turret whose health depletes over time and whose bullets deal Damage and apply Freeze onto targets. (skill type: Gadget, Turret).
  • Pain Launcher: Places a missile launcher and bomb in front of you. Each missile deals Damage and interrupts enemy skills (skill type: Ordnance, Interrupt).
  • Blighted Rounds: For one magazine round applies Decay onto your bullets that deal Toxic Damage to enemies, also to all enemies in a small radius around the main target for half the Damage. It is removed on reloading or changing your weapon.  (skill type: Decay).
  • Tool of Destruction: Conjure either a rocket launcher that damages and interrupts or a minigun that deals Damage per hit. They will be usable until the ammo depletes. (skill type: Ordnance, Interrupt).
  • Fixing Wave: Irrespective of distance, heal all your friendlies for 33 percent of their health and 50% for your turrets.
  • Cold Snap: Inflict Freeze onto all enemies within a large radius around you (skill type: Gadget).
  • Blighted Turret: Place a turret whose health depletes over time and whose bullets deal Damage and apply Decay onto targets. (skill type: Decay).

Skill Tree

While looking at the skill tree, don’t be scared of experimentation as you can reassign your points later on, but a small overview of the subclasses is;

  • Pestilence subclass for Damage per second or DPS-based technomancers, boosting weapon and toxic Damage.
  • Tech Shaman subclass for a team-oriented build; Improves healing and gadgets.
  • Finally, the Demolisher subclass gives both the benefits of the upper class but at reduced efficiency.

A Good Beginner Build

You unlock three skills at the start, so familiarize yourself with them as they will help you through your playthrough. These skills are, Scrapnel, Cryo Turret and Pain Launcher. At the start, you will have 2 class points to invest in your character. We choose:

  • Br/8 Impact Amplifier: Increase weapon damage by 8%
  • Anomalous Body: Increase your max health by 10%.

But we will get 20 more class points by the time we hit the level cap for the class.


The most useful weapons for your class will be the sniper rifles allowing you to deal Damage at a distance, use your equipment and provide healing to your team at a safe distance. In your secondary slots, you should equip SMGs and pistols that will help you quickly get out of a bind.

If you are aiming for legendary weapons, then good options are Rarog’s Gaze, which inflicts burn and explode Damage and the SMG The Migraine that inflicts bleed on targets.


For armors, we have the legendary armors, which are hard to get but ultimately worth the effort. Our favorites so far are:

Torrential Downpour Armor Set: Scrapnel creates additional cluster bombs after initial explosion, 5-piece Bonus.

Grim Inventor Armor Set: While tool of destruction is active, every enemy hit with Pain Launcher restores 20% of ammo for both the minigun and RPG. It can happen once per one Tool of Destruction usage, 5-piece Bonus.

But for early games and early stats, we have some armor mods that might help you:

More traps: one additional mine can be thrown by the scrapnel skill.

Upper Armor
No Pain, No Gain: When Blighted round skill ends, 40 % of the Damage dealt is converted into healing for allies.

Lower Armor
More Damage: Increases scrapnel skill damage.

Advanced Rockets: Pain Launcher rockets deal more Damage.

Supplies:  one additional mine can be thrown, by the scrapnel skill.

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