Outriders Ancient Ruins Chest Locations Guide

This Outriders Ancient Ruins Loot Chest Locations guide provides you with in-depth details as to where you can find all...

This Outriders Ancient Ruins Loot Chest Locations guide provides you with in-depth details as to where you can find all the Chests in Ancient Ruins region of Outriders.

Outriders Ancient Ruins Loot Chest Locations

There are 15 Chests found in the depths of the Ancient Ruins in Outriders. Below are Descriptive details accompanied by map images to help you find these loot Chests.

Chest #1-3
There are three Chests found near the starting Camp area. During the Objective “Clear the Rubble” head left of the monuments and into a narrow forest region. You’ll find the first Chest in the middle of the small passage.

The second Chest is also quite easy to find. Simply head left from the first Chest and onto a passage, take a right and find the Chest on some stair blocks.

For the last Chest, head back to the initial spot and instead of going to the left side, head right of the monuments where you’ll come across large statues. The Chest is found at the far end of the statues.

Chest #4
The chest is found inside of a cave in Flooded Grotto, right from the big large bent tree. You’ll find the Chest left of the area.

Chest #5
Go straight, up the staircase and into the building ahead to find the chest near the camp fire with pillars surrounding it in Sculpted Hollow.

Chest #6-8
Go past the chest at the center of the Distorted Sculpture area, enter the opening on the right to find your desired Chest.

Now, from the first chest, head up the staircase ahead and find the second chest behind the staircase going down. The last chest in this area is found opposite to the second. Go up the stairs at the other end to find the chest in front of a giant structure.

Chest #9
Head up two sets of staircases at The Monument, go left and down from the stairs to reach the Chest.

Chest #10
Head right from the camp fire at Spire Courtyard Obelisk, move down the hill to find the Chest at the right, inside of a large opening.

Chest #11
Head up two sets of staircases at the Spire Courtyard Obelisk, make a left and up the stairs ahead to find the Chest between few holes on the floor.

Chest #12
During the Objective “Push on to the Ruins” at Hidden Ruins Obelisk, head inside the cave to find the Chest.

Chest #13
Head up the stairs with the large floating structure in Hidden Ruins Obelisk and find the Chest behind some bushes.

Chest #14-15
Enter the cave at Valley Ruins Obelisk, behind the staircase on your right to find the Chest. For the second chest, head onto the stone passage; opposite to the first Chest, leading you to some staircases.

Head up four staircases before turning right to find the Chest behind the large tree.

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