Operation Flashpoint: Red River Weapons Guide

Guide to all the weapons featured in Codemaster's Operation Flashpoint: Red River for every faction so you have an idea what you are getting into

Operation Flashpoint: Red River is all about tactical and realistic shooting. Weapons play a key role in presenting the overall real-time shooting experience. This Operation Flashpoint: Red River weapons guide talks about all the guns and tools featured in Operation Flashpoint: Red River to get you ready for the battle that awaits.

Operation Flashpoint: Red River Weapons


Avtomat Kalashnikova 47 (AK47)
AK47 has been a core in many war based shooting games. The weapon is known for it’s high stopping power and is effective at medium to long range. It’s a common assault rifle used by the Insurgent forces.

The Kord a 7.62 machine gun mounted on technicals. It is said to be in mission 4 , but is unaccessible. It can be found mounted on technicals in Rolling Thunder Fireteam Engagements, but is replaced by the QJC88 elsewhere. It is probable that the ETIM stole them from the People’s Liberation Army.

Type 2004
The Type 2004 Rocket Launcher is the rocket launcher used by the ETIM. It is the equivilant of the USMC SMAW. It is used primarily against armor but has anti-personnel uses as well.

Pulemyot Kalashnikova Pecheneg (PKP)
This Soviet built machine gun can cause heavy chaos in enemy ranks. The weapon is well suited to suppress the enemy forces. It fires 7.62mm rounds at a rate of 700 rounds per minute and holds 200 rounds per ammo box and is quite effective at medium to long range encounters.

Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG)
This unguided projectile explosive has the ability to penetrate the armor up to 30mm thick. HMMVV units carrying this weapon can be devastating.



The QJC88is a .50 caliber machine gun used by the PLA. It is seen mounted on pintle mounts on vehicles and defensive positions

It’s a standard pistol used by the PLA faction. The weapon uses 9mm rounds and is effective at short range. This small size pistol is a good backup choice especially in closed range confrontation due to it’s damage and maneuverability.

This SMG has a fire rate of 400 round per minute and it uses 5.8mm Chinese armor-piercing rounds. It’s small size and light weight provide better maneuverability and hence is effective at short to medium range.

It’s one of the 2 assault rifles used by PLA in the game. The weapon uses 5.8mm Chinese rounds and is effective for medium range shooting. The weapon can be fitted with the a grenade launcher as well as several sights and scopes that help improve its accuracy.

This is the second assault rifle featured for PLA forces in the game. It’s external design more or less resembles M4. The weapon has 3 fire modes, single shot, 3 round burst and full auto (700 rpm).

It’s a light machine gun used by the PLA as their Squad Automatic Weapon. The bullpup design (like other PLA weapons) facilitates accuracy with better maneuverability. Each magazine carries 70 5.8mm bullets.

It’s the marksmen weapon (Sniper Rifle) of choice. Bullpup design improves maneuverability and the Chinese 5.8mm bullets enhancing the stopping power of the weapon.

Shotguns have their charms but in vast games like Red River, their importance is reduced until you are in a small room or a building.

It’s a shoulder launched portable surface to air missile launcher. It has an altitude radius of 10m and a range of 6km. It uses a dual-band passive infrared (IR) seeker with strong resistance to heat flares and background heat which makes it an effective weapon to destroy vehicles.

It’s a portable, unguided anti armor weapon and can be fired either from shoulder or tripod stance. The weapon is effective against heavily armored vehicles like tanks etc.

USMC Weapons

FIM-92 Stinger
The FIM-92 Stinger is a type of Anti-Aircraft Missile used by the USMC. It is featured in The Wrong Way and Vantage Point and is the equivalent to QW-2 SAM

The pistol is well suited for being a secondary weapon. It’s quick reload, small size and light weight are some attributes which can prove crucial in closed quarter battles.

This 9mm weapon is one of the most widely used SMGs in the world. The MP5A4 variant can be fitted with either a red dot or holographic sights attachment. Weapon is very effective at short range but it’s damage and accuracy decreases with increasing distance.

This 12-gauge shotgun is regarded as one of the most reliable weapons in the service. Like other weapons in the category, it has a devastating effect at short range but it’s effectiveness decreases with distance drastically.

It’s a fully automatic modification of the the basic M4 Carbine. It’s a versatile weapons used in different situations. This gas operated assault rifle is more effective then the related weapon M16.

The weapon is very much similar to M4A1. It’s effective at short range but due to the increased barrel length, it can work well in long range battle. The M16A4 has two fire modes, single shot or the famous 3-round burst and can also be equipped with a grenade launcher.

It’s a standard LMG used by USMC. The weapons is effective for medium to long range shooting and suppressing enemy fire. It uses 5.56mm bullets and each magazine contains 200 rounds. Different attachments can be used with this weapon to enhance it’s functionality.

Mk48 Mod 0
It’s lighter in weight than M249 and is more effective in suppressing enemy units. One can use different attachments like iron sights or scopes to make it effective at long range.

This marksman rifle is the staring weapon for scouts. The weapon (like other long range weapons), using 7.62mm round is good way to provide cover to the teammates from distance.

The M16A4 is a USMC infantry rifle in Operation Flashpoint: Red River, and is the default primary weapon for the Rifleman class. This weapon has MANY attachments such as grenade launchers, marksman scope and night-vision scope

The weapon is a modified form of M14 and hence more accurate and reliable. The weapon can be fitted with better scope, thermal optics and sounds suppressor.

This semi automatic sniper rifle uses 12.7mm rounds and has the ability pierce through an engine block and hence can be used to shot targets behind hard cover.

This is an unguided missile launcher to destroy armored vehicles. With a range of 500-750m it can pierce through the armor up to 60cm thick.

It’s currently the most advanced anti tank weapon used by USMC. This guided missile launcher has the ability to take down the armored vehicles in one shot.

It’s an effective weapon (missile launcher) against the air vehicles. It has a range of 4.8km and altitude of 180 to 3.8km.

M2 Browning .50 Caliber
The M2 Browning .50 calibre is a Heavy Machine Gun featured in Operation Flashpoint: Red River. It is seen mounted on M1151 HMMWVs and in defensive positions, and is the secondary weapon of the M1A2 Main Battle Tank

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