How to Open Locked Final Fantasy XV Dungeon Doors

The following guide will explain the process of unlocking Final Fantasy XV Dungeon Doors. Keep in mind that what hides behind them won't be easy to handle.

There are any dungeons in Final Fantasy XV that contain locked doors. Each time you approach such a door will prompts a “Locked” message on your screen. The following guide will explain the process of unlocking Final Fantasy XV Dungeon Doors.

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Final Fantasy XV Dungeon Doors – How to Unlock

In order to unlock Final Fantasy XV Dungeon Doors you need to end the game first. Once all the main quests are completed, you need to trigger “Menace Beneath Lucis quest.” The quest will send you on a new adventure where you will revisit all of the dungeons and explore their deeper levels. This is a very high-level quests and each dungeon you visit raises the difficulty level for the next.

It starts from level 55 and end at level 99.

Go to Risorath Basin and speak with Ezma to trigger this quest to get the dungeon seal key. Use the key to explore the locked doors and reveal the horrors behind them.

Since you have already beaten the game, the lower level dungeons will have higher level enemies and extra tough bosses.

All Dungeons from Final Fantasy XV

  • Greyshire Glacial Grotto
  • Malmalam Thicket
  • The Rock of Ravatogh
  • Fociaugh Hollow
  • Keycatrich Trench
  • Steyliff Grove
  • Crestholm Channels
  • Costlemark Tower
  • The Myrlwood
  • The Boulves Mines

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