Only British And German Battlefield V Factions Will Be Available At Launch

Battlefield V is releasing this October. Latest information confirms that British and German forces will be available at launch with releasing later on.

Battlefield V is releasing this October, bringing a new view on World War 2. One thing we were wondering about regarding DICE’s upcoming title is what Battlefield V factions we’ll be able to play as when it releases. Latest information confirms that British and German forces will be available at launch with more releasing later on.

According to the game’s Twitter page, the Battlefield V factions available at launch will be British faction on the Allied side & the German faction on the Axis side. Both of those factions will be able to be customized with their own exclusive items, with those items being Helmets and Camos.

A lot of discussions has been made around Battlefield V’s historical accuracy with DICE revealing that they “dug deep into history books” in order to make this game happen. However, the company points out that Battlefield V will let players play as what they want to, bringing a new tone to the war game itself.

More Battlefield V factions will be brought to the game after its release via the Tides of War live service. We already know that Battlefield V won’t have any paid DLC, with all future updates being free for all players. We expect factions like USA, Russia, and Japan to join the mix, making Battlefield V a title worthy of its name.

Furthermore, the game will also feature co-op modes so that you can play with your friends. A 4-player co-op mode has been revealed for Battlefield V, called Combined Arms.

Battlefield V is scheduled to release on October 19, 2018, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. According to EA DICE, Battlefield V preload will begin on October 12. The game’s file size remains under wraps but we can expect it to be somewhere around 60GB.

More details about Battlefield V will be shared in the coming months as we head closer to the game’s release.

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