One Man Managed to Create a Gorgeous Final Fantasy XV Inspired Game in 2 Years

Yang Bing is a one man army who managed to create a Final Fantasy XV inspired game in just 2 years. The title is taking shape nicely!

Final Fantasy XV has been in development for over a decade almost. It went through many changes, creative differences, and it was originally known as Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

When the project was finally taking shape, Square Enix revealed a trailer for it a few years ago. That footage inspired indie developer Yang Bing to develop his own game.

A game that is inspired by Final Fantasy XV.

Let me tell, what this man has achieved in 2 years is jaw dropping, his exceptional talent shows in every aspect of his game.

Known as Lost Soul Aside, the game in question features an open world and a lead character that is clearly inspired by Noctis. However, this dude is more buff compared to a lean Noctis.

Yang Bing promised to share more about the game and its story soon.

Lost Soul Aside looks great and it is hard to believe one man did this in 2 years. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that many studios with entire development teams often fail to achieve this level of quality. Hellblade is an example, Ninja Theory has been developing that project for a long time and it still hasn’t fully taken shape.

Interestingly, some fans over the internet are bashing Final Fantasy XV after watching Lost Soul Aside. Of course, Yang Bing has done a tremendous job but bashing Final Fantasy XV is uncalled for.

FFXV is a massive project that went through many changes and development issues.

The game is still in prototype stage and Yang Bing is using manu marketplace assets which allowed him to speedup development.

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