Official Playstation Magazine Talking About Battlefield 6 In August, June Announcement?

Apparently, the August issue of the Official Playstation Magazine will be talking about Battlefield 6, leaving the possibility open that we’ll be getting an announcement trailer for the game in June as part of the Summer of Gaming event. However, we still have no idea of what DICE is planning right now.

The game was apparently revealed to be coming to the Playstation 5 in a list in issue 176 of OPM about 38 different upcoming titles for the Playstation 5, of which a new Battlefield game was one. There was also a footnote saying that further information would come in issue 177.

For the past two Battlefield games, DICE has been leaning more historical rather than in Battlefield’s roots as a modern shooter, since Battlefield 1 took us to the First World War and Battlefield 5 took us to World War 2, despite the latter ending in disappointment after DICE ended support for it last month

While the series could go back to its modern warfare roots, there are a few other ways that DICE could take the series, provided it could do them well. We could end up with two competing games during the Cold War if it decides to mimic Call of Duty and make a Cold War game.

However, Battlefield 6 could also spark a return to one of the more popular Battlefield games, Battlefield 2142. That game, taking place over a century into the future where the Earth is undergoing a new ice age, provided a huge amount of futuristic technology and still holds a spot in many fans’ hearts today.

However Battlefield 6 ends up, hopefully we’ll be getting a lot of information either in June or whenever EA and DICE decide to reveal it. Considering the tumultuous life that Battlefield 5 had, hopefully it will also be better curated to in regards to what players want to see in its gameplay.