Oculus Rift Is Now The Most Used VR Headset By Steam Users

Back in 2016 we saw the launch of HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, however, HTC Vive was the virtual reality headset that was favored by gamers over Oculus Rift, however, things changes in February of 2018 as Oculus Rift surpassed HTC Vive.

According to Steam hardware survey, Oculus Rift surpassed HTC Vive in terms of Steam users. According to the survey, 47.31% of Steam users are using the Oculus Rift while 45.38% of Steam users prefer HTC Vive. Also, this is the first time Oculus has surpassed Vive since its launch.

However, don’t take this hardware survey as conclusive since Steam scans for hardware that is connected to the system. So, chances are many users might not have attached their headsets to their systems.

Furthermore, this doesn’t show if Oculus has more sales than Vive, it just showcases that Rift is more popular than its competitor while the competitor itself is just a small percentage behind.

Speaking of the virtual reality headset, Rift and Vive aren’t the only VR headsets in the market as Sony’s PSVR has also taken a significant market share for itself and game developers have started to appreciate the PSVR.

According to Harold Vancol, the Creative Director at Grab Games, PlayStation 5 and PSVR shouldn’t just be bundled together but should be considered as one and both pieces of hardware should be essential with one another.

Buying a new console is a big undertaking for a lot of people, and buying the headset that I think people want to see in the future of PlayStation can almost be like buying a new console. So having these purchases separated gives each thing its own time to shine. However, PlayStation 5 and PSVR should be considered essential together.

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