Oculus Rift Could Hit the Consumer Market by Summer 2015

A new report suggests that the consumer version of Oculus Rift could hit the market as soon as summer of 2015.

Citing “multiple sources with knowledge of the matter” TechRadar stated that the consumer version kit will launch in a limited beta program. The release will be in waves and stock renewing will be based on the interest of consumers and retailers.

However we are talking about Oculus Rift here, the VR headset that will finally help us jump into new dimensions. Provided that the report is correct, expect a high shortage of units upon its release.

Recently the new Developer Kit 2 of the Oculus Rift was shipped out in July to more than 45,000 customers who had pre-ordered it before hand. With the new Developer Kit 2, the company stated that it is looking to improve visual clarity and eliminate perceptible head-tracking latency in time for the device’s release to the public.

Earlier in the year, the company was acquired by Facebook for a shocking $2 billion. In my opinion Oculus jumped the gun on that deal and could had gotten a higher figure if they had just waited a little while longer.

The report is fairly certain that the VR headsets will arrive next year by April. A price point wasn’t mentioned but various speculations put the price to be around $350 a piece.

Source: TechRadar

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