Octopath Traveler Warbringer Winnehild Boss Guide

While Warbringer Winnehild is an optional boss, defeating her is how you unlock the Warmaster job in Octopath Traveler.

Warbringer Winnehild is one of the optional bosses you can take on for additional rewards in Octopath Traveler. She is also one of the more difficult bosses to face in the game.

You will need to know her weaknesses and have a general strategy in place for her special attacks. While Winnehild is an optional boss, defeating her is how you unlock the Warmaster job in Octopath Traveler.

Hence, if you are looking to make one of your characters a Warmaster, you will need to find Winnehild, the Warbringer, in Octopath Traveler.

Warbringer Winnehild location

You need to locate this boss by reaching the end of the Shrine of the Warbringer. This Shrine is located on the Riverford Traverse and is a dangerous place to be in Octopath Traveler. You will find the enemies above level 50 in the Shrine, and at the end of your path, the Warbringer waits for you.

This battle is quite intensive, so knowing the boss’s weaknesses is crucial to eliminate Octopath Traveler Winnehild on your first attempt.

Warbringer Winnehild weaknesses

The main weakness of the boss lies in the elemental attacks. You need to make use of Ice, Wind, or Dark magic attacks to inflict maximum damage. These elemental attacks ensure that your hits are not deflected away by the boss.

The set of weaknesses changes after Winnehild reaches 25 percent of her maximum health. You can then use Fire, Lightning, or Light elemental attacks.

You can also take benefit of the vulnerabilities of the Warbringer against Stave attacks. But remember, this boss has the ability to deflect your physical attacks, so it is better to perform more elemental attacks during combat.

Warbringer Winnehild special attacks

Winnehild can quickly remove your Octopath Traveler team members by performing targeted, highly damaging attacks, so you must be very careful during the fight.

Special AttacksWhat They Do
Counter PositionYour physical attacks will be countered for one time.
Counter-StrikeInflicts severe physical damage on one of your party members.
YatagarasuDagger attack on a single target that inflicts poison ailment and hits twice.
Phoenix StrongBow attack that deals physical damage while hitting 4 to 6 times every time.
Tiger RageThe high damage attack performed by Axe on your single party member.
Guardian LiondogThe physical attack is performed using Sword that hits every party member.
Qilin’s HornSpear attack decreases your whole party’s defense against physical and elemental damage and inflicts damage on every member.
Fox SpiritThe boss can inflict unconsciousness by attacking one of your party members using its staff. The effect stays on for 2 to 5 turns.

How to defeat Warbringer Winnehild in Octopath Traveler 

Your battle with this boss will start with Winnehild having more than 200,000 health and 5 SP. You need to take away all this health by focusing most of your elemental attacks and exploiting the boss’s weaknesses.

It is crucial to have the Sorcerer job equipped by one of your party members, as then you can break down the Warbringer quickly using the elemental attacks. You should also defeat Balogar before taking on this boss in Octopath Traveler. 

The Runelord job acquired from the battle will help you against all kinds of physical attacks performed by Winnehild during the combat. You must utilize the Sidestep and Transfer Rune ability to take away the damage potential of this boss.

You need several things to defeat the Warbringer in Octopath Traveler. This includes having the right support skills and a larger maximum HP on all the characters. You should use abilities like Leghold Trap, Summon, Concoct, Hired Help and Bolster Defense to protect and damage your enemy.

You should equip Conscious Stone on Olberic, as he will take on as many hits as possible from the boss. Use the Leghold Trap to prepare yourself for the incoming attacks from the boss, and use the Hired Help to get buffs that protect you against the incoming physical attacks.

You must use your high-damaging attacks, such as Aeber’s Reckoning, when Winnehild is in a broken state. Utilize all the elemental attack options to end the fight and be cautious about the physical attacks to defeat the Warbringer in Octopath Traveler.

Best party for Warbringer Winnehild

You need to have Sorcerer and Scholar in your party at all costs. Since most of our battle will revolve around elemental damage, having Alfyn and Cyrus is crucial in this party.

These characters allow you to perform skills like Second Wind and SP Saver, which protect your whole party and inflict severe damage on the enemies.

You should also have Olberic in your party as he will act as the supporting character, taking most of the damage from the boss and using skills like Saving Grace that improve your physical defense against the Warbringer attacks.

The last character we have is Ophilia, as she can use skills like Divine Aura and Second Wint, providing offensive and defensive support to the party.

You just have to utilize these party members correctly to win the combat against Winnehild in Octopath Traveler.

What else to bring to the fight?

You must bring several items for this fight, including Conscious Stone and Energizing Pomegranates. These items are essential as you get several boosts in your offense and defense, ensuring you stay ahead in all aspects of the battle.

Warbringer Winnehild drops

  • 20,000 Leaves
  • Refreshing Jam
  • EXP 2,000
  • JP 1,200

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