How To Get Essence Of Plum In Octopath Traveler

Essence of Plum is one of the more important components to find in Octopath Traveler. It is a necessary ingredient in several concoctions that restore your spirit points. Purifying Seed, for example, can pretty much bring you back to full spirit.

You can also use Essence of Plum to craft concoctions that do elemental damage to enemies and lowers their elemental defenses. This is important because certain enemies have higher elemental resistances. You need to bring them down or else your elemental attacks are going to be useless.

Unfortunately, you will not find Essence of Plum at any shops or vendors. You need to loot it over the course of your progression.

How to get Essence of Plum in Octopath Traveler

You do not have to worry about acquiring this item, as the game itself will present you with several chances to defeat enemies and obtain the item.

Additionally, you can also acquire the item from the chests located in the Path of Rhiyo.

You will encounter several NPCs throughout different chapters from which you can get the item in several ways. You have to pay some, and sometimes you can just steal away.


Dropped by enemies

Enemy TypeLocationWeakness
Army AntSouthern/Eastern Sunshade SandsSwords, Daggers, and Axes
Snow MarmotNorthern/Western Flamesgrace Wilds and On the Path leading to Cave of OriginBows, Staves, Lightning, and Dark
Ice Lizardman IINorthern/Western Flamesgrace Wilds and On the Path leading to Cave of OriginAxes, Staves, Lightning, and Fire 
Sand Lizardman II (Desert)Sunshade Catacombs and Eastern/Southern Sunshade SandsSwords, Daggers, Ice and Dark.
Dire Army AntEastern/Southern Sunshade Sands and Whistling CavernSwords, Daggers and Axes
Slayer BugWhistling Cavern, Lizardmen’s Den and Quicksand CavesSwords and Axes
Majestic Snow MarmotOn the Road leading to Obsidian Parlor, Western Stillsnow Wilds and Trail leading to WhitewoodDaggers, Lightning, and Dark
Ice Lizardman VWestern Stillsnow Wildes and Tomb of the ImperatorDaggers, Axes, Staves and Fire
Sand Lizardman VNorthern/Eastern Wellspring SandsDaggers, Axes, Ice and Wind
Ice Lizardking IISouthern Northreach WildsPolearms, Daggers and Fire
Sand Lizardking IIMarsalim Catacombs and Eastern Marsalim SandsSwords, Bows, Ice and Dark
Stone BugGrimsand RuinsSwords, Axes, Ice and Lightning

Loot from Chests

You can find Essense of Plums inside the Chest on the Path of Rhiyo located in the Riverlands region. You will find three chests on this path, one of which will provide you with Essense of Plum.

The other items you can acquire from the exact location include Octopath Traveler Soothing Dust and Octopath Traveler Healing Grape.

Interact with NPCs

The world of Octopath Traveler contains multiple NPCs you can interact with and gain the required items. Sometimes you might want to pay the characters, but sometimes being forceful can get you stuff.

Elderly WomanClearbookInquire/Scrutinize
Astute OfficialAtlasdam Palace GatePurchase/Steal
MerylClearbook (Post-Alfyn Chapter 1)Purchase/Steal
Regular PatronClearbook (Post-Alfyn Chapter 1)Purchase/Steal
Landscape ArtistEast SaintsbridgePurchase/Steal
Crest-Bearing RuffianGoldshorePurchase/Steal
FlynnGoldshore (Post-Alfyn Chapter 4)Purchase/Steal
Fearful MotherDuskbarrowPurchase/Steal
Miserable MotherOrewellPurchase/Steal
Leviathan HunterWest Goldshore CoastChallenge/Provoke

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