How To Get The Dragon’s Scarf In Octopath Traveler

If you are looking to improve your Spirit Points (SP) in Octopath Traveler, you need to get the Dragon’s Scarf accessory. This returns you any spent SP at the end of the turn, making it a highly efficient item to have.

Take note that the Dragon’s Scarf works like the Beastly Scarf which returns health instead of SP. You can actually get both of them from the same scarf location if you are willing to spend a lot of gold.

Dragon’s Scarf locations

There are a few ways to get a Dragon’s Scarf in Octopath Traveler. If you want to have multiple Dragon’s Scarfs for all of your characters, you will need to go to each scarf location.

Buy from Tressa’s shop

Tressa Colzione is a character who will have her own quest in Chapter 1. Once you complete all of her tasks, visit her mother Tressa’s shop in Rippletide at any point in the game to buy both the Dragon’s Scarf and the Beastly Scarf. You are going to need 16,500 for each scarf.

Complete Here Be Dragons

If you are short of gold, you can unlock the Dragon’s Scarf for free. All you have to do is to complete Here Be Dragon’s, a side story that starts in Northreach.

Head to the town and make your way through the gate. You need to interact with the person marked in the image below.


The person is a traveling author visiting different areas to learn about the tales and legends of the noble dragons. The author asks you to gather information about the three noble dragons by visiting three different regions. You need to go to Stillsnow, Cobbleston, and Orewell.

Travel to Stillsnow
Head straight after teleporting in the area toward a merchant standing on the left side of the house.

You need to interact with the person and select “Scrutinize” to learn about the Dragon of the Frostlands. Move to the next location from here.

Travel to Cobbleston
Rush down the stairs on your left toward the elderly man standing next to a house.

Choose the “Scrutinize” option to learn about the Dragon of the Highlands. Now you will need to teleport to the last location to gather the information on the remaining dragon.

Travel to Orewell
The last location you need to travel to is Orewell. Head toward the person standing on the left side of the bridge by crossing the bridge.

You need to select the same option as you did with the previous two merchants and gain information on Dragon of the Clifflands.

You are now ready to travel back to the author in Northreach.

Return to the author
Fast travel to the area and talk with the author. Select “Yes” when the option about sharing the information on all three dragons pops up on your screen. After providing the information you have gathered, your quest will be complete. You will earn a Dragon’s Scarf and 11,000 in cash.

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