Octopath Traveler Dragon Boss Guide

Similar to the other bosses in Octopath Traveler, you need to know the weaknesses of the Dragon to do the most damage possible.

Dragon is one of the bosses in Octopath Traveler that the players will encounter at the end of the third chapter of H’aanit.

The Dragon looks like a Raptor with wings attached to his back. Due to his ruthless physical attacks, he will give you quite a tough time. Meanwhile, his large health pool makes the whole process of defeating even more difficult.

While fighting Dragon, you must bring a healer that will use the Reflective Veil to reflect his attacks. Meanwhile bringing the Apothecary to the battle will add Poison damage to the attacks.

Dragon location

The Dragon boss is located in The Whitewoods in Octopath Traveler. You will reach here at the end of the H’aanit’s Chapter 3 when your task will lead you to the Frostlands region.

Dragon weaknesses

Similar to the other bosses in Octopath Traveler, you need to know the weaknesses of the Dragon to do the most damage possible.

In terms of weapons, the Dragon is highly weak against Swords, Axes, and Bows. When it comes to elemental attributes, the Dragon is weak against Ice and Light attacks.

Dragon special attacks

Special AttacksWhat They Do
The Dragon’s scales are impenetrableWith this attack, the Dragon’s weaknesses in Sword, Bow, and Ice attacks will be blocked.
The Dragon stands majestically before youThe Dragon stands majestically before you allow Dragon to attack twice per turn.
The Dragon is wounded and has grown waryThis attack increases the shield to a maximum of 10 when Dragon heals between attacks. Meanwhile, the Dragon’s weaknesses in Sword and Ice attacks will also be blocked.

How to defeat Dragon in Octopath Traveler

As soon as the fight with Dragon begins, his weaknesses to Axe and Light will be blocked. By targeting the breaking point of the Dragon, you can unlock these weaknesses for a short while.

By using Swept Away and Sweeping Storm Skills, the dragon can become invisible for a while essentially teleporting them from the battlefield. By targeting its weak point, you will not only deal damage but also block his attacks from coming.

To protect yourself from getting damaged from physical attacks like Rendering Claw, it’s best to equip yourself with armor. Bringing armor also raises the Physical and elemental defense which are much needed while fighting Dragon.

In case your healer gets knocked out by one of the Dragon’s physical attacks, you must bring healing items like Healing Grapes along with you. All in all, the Dragon is not hard to fight and you can easily defeat him.

Dragon Drops

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