Octopath Traveler Battle-Tested Weapons: How To Get Them And What Do They Do?

The Battle-Tested weapons are easily the most powerful weapons you can have your characters wield in Octopath Traveler.

The Battle-Tested weapons are easily the most powerful weapons you can have your characters wield in Octopath Traveler.

They are similar to the Forbidden weapons in the game. However, instead of a negative element, Battle-Tested equipment features a positive one to increase your physical attack as well as other stats. You also get a unique passive ability depending on the piece of equipment.

Considering their powerful nature, it is not surprising that you cannot get Battle-Tested equipment like the other weapons. You have to reach a specific point in Octopath Traveler before you can even start hunting down Battle-Tested weapons. Following that is a long grind that is going to be worth it.

How to get Battle-Tested weapons

There are two ways to get Battle-Tested equipment in Octopath Traveler. The first way is to purchase or steal them from certain NPCs. However, these NPCs will not be available from the start of the game. Some of them will spawn only after you complete Chapter 4 stories of a specific character. Others will require you to complete certain side quests.

The second way to get Battle-Tested gear is to defeat and loot enemies that have +10 strength. Most of these enemies are actually mini-bosses in Octopath Traveler. Some of them are also missable since they are optional bosses.

When you find an NPC with +10 strength, challenge or provoke them to a fight. Since these are some of the strongest enemies in Octopath Traveler, you should have either H’aanit or Olberic to increase your winning chances.

Keep in mind that 10+ strength enemies are not always going to drop a Battle-Tested weapon. These powerful items only have a 3 percent (or less) chance to drop from an enemy, so be ready for a grind.

Something important to note here is that you can only get one of each Battle-Tested weapon in the first purchasing/stealing method.

However, in the second challenge/provoking method, you can multiples of each Battle-Tested weapon for all of your party members.

Battle-Tested Axe

The Battle-Tested Axe can be purchased or stolen from Ned after completing Olberic’s Chapter 4 story. Ned can be found in the northern section of Victors Hollow in the Woodlands region. When you reach the stairs of the arena, head down to find Ned.

The other way to get the Battle-Tested axe is to provoke or challenge an armored Tavern Patron who can be found inside the tavern in Atlasdam, Flatlands. He only does physical damage, so you will have nothing to worry about as long as you have enough physical defense stats.

The Battle-Tested Axe does +350 physical attack and +250 elemental attack. The character who wields this powerful axe will also do increased lightning and ice damage that stacks with the base elemental attack boost.

Battle-Tested Blade

The Battle-Tested Blade can be only purchased from Erhardt after completing Olberic’s Chapter 4 story. He can be found in Wellspring. When you reach Wellspring head to the western end of the town and enter a large house. Inside the house, you will find Erhardt.

The Battle-Tested Blade can also be acquired by challenging a townsperson found in a house in Lower Bolderfall. The house is guarded by a weak NPC with +2 strength. The townsperson in the house only deals physical damage, so try to rack as much physical defense before starting the fight.

The Battle-Tested Blade does +400 physical attack and +150 elemental attack. Furthermore, the weapon augments all of your physical abilities to be elemental.

Battle-Tested Bow

The Battle-Tested Bow is the legendary weapon of the Hunter H’aanit. When you complete Chapter 4 of H’aanit you can then purchase this Bow from Z’aanta. He is H’aanit’s mentor and can be found in S’warkii, in the Woodlands.

The other way to get the Battle-Tested Bow is to challenge the Old Storyteller. He can be found in the tavern in S’warkii. Unlike the previous characters, he is not that physically oriented and has access to both Ice Strom and Lux Congerere. So you will need to have more elemental defense in addition to physical defense.

The Battle-Tested Bow can deal physical damage of +384 and +186 of Critical. This bow will also decrease the target’s physical defense.

Battle-Tested Dagger

When you have completed Alfyn’s story till Chapter 4, the Battle-Tested Dagger will be unlocked. When available, you can either purchase or Steal it from Vanessa Hysel.

She is a former friend of Alfyn who is a deceitful apothecary. You can find her in Undertow Cove, in the Northern part of Rippletide Coast. The entrance is hidden behind a large rock formation on the eastern part of the map. Once inside, she will be on the eastern side of the cove.

The other way you can get the Battle-Tested Dagger is by challenging the Guard Captain. He can be found in Ravus Manor, located in Bolderfall.

He starts slow and tries to decrease your speed but then catches on with physical attacks. He is weak against swords and spears, so use Thousand Spears to break his shields.

The Battle Tested Dagger gives +380 physical attack and +140 evasion. This dagger also has a chance of decreasing the target’s accuracy when used in combat.

Battle-Tested Shield

The Battle-Tested Shield can be purchased from Greg, the Unbreakable, after you have completed Chapter 4 of Olberic’s Storyline. He can be found in Marsalim, Sunlands. Here you can find him in the middle of the square near Swordsman Yuri.

The other way you can get the Battle-Tested Shield is by challenging the Muttering Codger. This NPC can be found in Flamesgrace. He, like many other NPCs with weapons, deals only physical damage. You can easily defeat him by racking up on Physical defenses.

The Battle-Tested Shield gives a physical defense of +132 and an evasion of -88. The character who holds it will also get their HP and SP restored after every action they perform.

Battle-Tested Spear

Most of the gear we have talked about can be acquired by only completing one storyline. But for the Battle-Tested Spear, you have to complete the storylines of both Tressa and Therion. You also have to complete the Mikk and Makk Make Good side story. This side story is activated by Barham in his house.

When you have completed Chapter 4 of both Tressa and Therion, you can purchase the Spear from Captain Leon, also known as the “Sea Serpent”. He can be found in Rippletide, located in Coastlands.

The other way you can get the Battle-Tested Spear is by challenging the Elderly Woman in the first house near the bridge in Rippletide. She is a bit tricky to defeat because her Peerless Strike does a lot of damage while boosting her physical attacks.

She also uses Mighty Blow which deals a lot more damage than Peerless Strike but most of her attacks are physical and keeping physical defense will be helpful in the fight.

The Battle-Tested Spear gives +390 physical attack and +148 critical to the wielder. The Spear also has a chance of blinding the target when it is being used in combat.

Battle-Tested Staff

The Battle-Tested Staff is the legendary weapon associated with the story of Ophilia. When you have completed her Chapter 4, you can then only purchase it from the Bishop Bartolo in Saintsbridge. This is located in the Riverlands.

The other way to get Battle-Tested Staff is by challenging the Elderly Woman in Clearbrook, Riverlands. In Clearbrook go to the Cemetery on the eastern side of the town and you will find her.

She will enhance her physical attacks and then try to stop your character’s physical attacks. In this fight try to keep as much physical defense as possible if you want to fight normally.

The Battle-Tested Staff gives a physical attack of +212 and an elemental attack of +399. The character wielding this Staff will also have a chance of slowing down the target when being used.

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