Octopath Traveler Alpione Boss Guide

Alpione is a boss that you will encounter during Ochette’s storyline in Octopath Traveler 2. This will be while you are on your journey to find a Creature of Legend to save Ochette’s home.

However, Alpione will be standing in your way to stop you from going any further. She is also apparently a person of interest who knows about Cateracta’s fate, so defeating her and gaining information is vital.

Alpione is not going to go down easy. You will need to know her weaknesses and special attacks as well as a general strategy to defeat her in Octopath Traveler 2.  

Alpione location

The Octopath Traveler 2 Alpione boss will be encountered in Chapter 2 of Ochette’s Story through the Cateracta’s Route.

As Ochette’s storyline commences, you will head towards the dock in Conning Creek Harbor. Here you will come across Alpione, a woman who will claim to be the guardian of the Sea God. Provoke her to initiate the boss fight.

Alpione weaknesses

Alpione is a boss with less amount of shields so having intel on her weaknesses will help you deal damage effectively and defeat her.

For Physical Attacks, Alpione is weak against a Sword and Dagger. For Elemental Attacks, she is prone to damage by Wind, Light, and Dark. 

To stay a step ahead, you can also reveal Alpione’s weaknesses using previously captured monsters such as Mahina or Akala.

Alpione special attacks

Even though Alpione does not put up much of a fight, she still has her special attacks that can result in great damage if not handled correctly. Following are Alpione’s special attacks:

Special AttacksWhat They Do
Standard AttackA normal melee attack that hits you once causing 1 damage
Rush ThrustPhysical attack that results in 126 damage
Poisonous ThrustAn attack that deals you 170 damage and lasts until healed
Piercing HarpoonPhysical Attack that deals 255 damage

How to defeat Alpione in Octopath Traveler 2

Alpione boss only has 2 Shield Points so it is easy to get past her defenses and win the battle. The best strategy to gain victory against Alpione is to make use of your captured creatures.

From the Provoke menu, you go for Mahina to reveal Alpione’s weaknesses. Akala’s ‘Sharp Fang’ and ’Wild Mole III’s ‘Double Stab’ are also attacks that you can use to gain dominance.

You can also deal damage by using Light Revenant’s ‘Solar Ray Clock’ and to deliver the final blow you can make use of Akala’s ‘Finishing Blow’.

You also need to keep in mind that while facing Alpione you won’t have any party members so you need to equip yourself with a healing beast well before the battle begins.  

Best party for Alpione

You encounter Alpione in the 2nd Chapter of Ochette’s Storyline so there isn’t any member in your party yet. You have to face this beast alone and make her meet her fate.

What else to bring to the fight?

There is not much that you need to bring to the battlefield while fighting Alpione except for the beasts that you have captured along the way. Make sure to put those beasts’ powers to good use as they will be your only support in this boss fight.

Alpione boss drops

  • Invigorating Nut, an item that increases your Max SP stat and costs you 2400 leaves to buy otherwise
  • Untouched, Overkill, and Break bonuses
  • 1450 leaves
  • 10 EXP
  • 22 JP