Octopath Traveler 2 Trousseau Boss Guide

Trousseau is the final boss in the storyline of Castti who must be defeated to save the townspeople in Octopath Traveler 2.

Trousseau is the final boss in the storyline of Castti. He must be defeated to save the townspeople in Octopath Traveler 2.

Trousseau is an annoying boss who must be put to death without wasting time. The boss’s abilities make it hard for you to survive longer in the battle, so you must exploit several Octopath Traveler 2 Trousseau weaknesses.

Before learning about its shortcomings, let’s understand the area where you should reach out to locate the boss.

Trousseau location

After returning to her formal town, Timberain, Castti will make her way toward the Timberain Castle. She ensures all the townspeople are safe and sound before encountering the boss on the castle’s roof.

A purple color rain gives a certain edge to the boss, but it is still vulnerable to several things, and you can benefit from each of them.

Trousseau weaknesses

There’s a perfect chance for you to use physical and elemental damage to bring down the foe with ease. Trousseau shows great weakness against Axe and Polearm. One other physical weakness of the boss becomes apparent as the battle proceeds, adding Sword to the list of boss vulnerabilities.

You can also make use of the Ice and Dark elements to deal substantial damage to the boss. It is essential to understand that the battle must be finished quickly.

Trousseau special attacks

Trousseau is very annoying because you receive damage from the rain caused by the boss. Initially, you will receive a reduction of 75 points in your maximum HP, but later the value goes up to 150.

The boss has all the skills to make your team members useless by causing several ailments effects. You should look for AOE attacks from the boss, as those are very deadly.

Special AttacksWhat They Do
Spoiled SubstanceOne member will miss their turn.
Prickly TonicDeals 1000 AOE damage to every party member.
Bursting LiquidAOE attack deals some damage to all the members.
Strong SedativeOne member will miss their turn.
Hinder HealingBoss SP increases from 8 to 12.

How to defeat Trousseau in Octopath Traveler 2

The only rule you must follow against Trousseau is to stay on the offensive. You will lose if the battle goes on for a while, as your maximum HP will keep falling due to the rain effect.

Use your heavy-hitting characters, such as Hikari and Castti, to inflict severe damage using the Sword and Axe attacks.

You need to cleanse your team members from the ailments caused by the boss. The best way is to use Castti’s Cleansing skill to provide everyone with safety and ensure they participate in the battle at their strongest.

Trousseau becomes strong during mid-fight and brings out stronger attacks while having great SP. However, his vulnerabilities and weaknesses also increase.

You can use the Aggressive Slash or Shinjumonjigiri to deal more than 10,000 damage in a single hit from Hikari. If you combine these attacks with his Latent Power, the damage goes up substantially. Use this opportunity to break the boss as quickly as possible.

Use Castti and Temonos for healing and their Poison Axe skills to deal with severe damage. You should repeat this strategy until the boss is put to death.

Best party for Trousseau

The best party includes Hikari because of his ability to deal serious physical damage using weapons that are the real weakness of the boss. You can combine the simple attacks with the boosted items to deal maximum damage.

Castti can be a great asset in this fight; her ability to remove ailments and poison axe is crucial to your victory. These things cover offense and defense for your party in Octopath 2.

Agnea and Temonos are perfectly fit to complete our party. Agnea can use her analyze ability to unfold enemy weakness and use Icewind skill to inflict greater elemental damage. Additionally, Temonos can combine his latent Power with Poison Axe to break down the enemy. Keep repeating these attacks to ensure a quick defeat for Trousseau in Octopath Traveler 2.

What else to bring to the fight?

You must bring items that help restore your party’s BP and SP. The abilities of Trousseau deplete these things very quickly, making your member’s attack weak and useless.

You should get Revitalizing Jam and Inspiriting Plum Basket before beginning the fight.

With all these items and the right set of the party, you can easily defeat the Octopath Traveler 2 Trousseau and receive the rewards.

Trousseau boss drops

  • 26000 Leaves
  • Olive of Life (L)
  • 1430 EXP
  • 750 JP

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