Octopath Traveler 2 Pirro Boss Guide

Octopath Traveler 2 Pirro is the boss of Throne’s Storyline which you will encounter in the very first chapter.

When the storyline commences, Pirro is also a member of the Blacksnakes and is Father’s disciple just like Throne. As Father decides to choose his successor, Throne and Pirro turn against each other to fight for succession.

This initiates the boss fight and Throne must win against Pirro to get the succession to Father’s throne.

To prevent Pirro from becoming Father’s successor, you need to know about his weaknesses and attacks. This will enable you to put up a spectacular fight and gain victory as well. But the first step is finding out where Pirro is located.

Pirro location

Pirro is waiting for you at the beginning of Throne’s Storyline as you encounter him in Chapter 1. As the chapter begins, you need to escape the sewers where you will be trapped with Pirro and Scaracci.

After escaping the sewers, you will be led to Father who will ask you to kill Scaracci as he is a traitor to the Guild.

Later on, in New Delsta, you will get to know that Father was lying only to look for a worthy successor. With Scaracci out of the picture and only you and Pirro left, you need to put up a remarkable fight to win.

Pirro weaknesses

Pirro does not have strong defenses as he only comes with 5 Shield Points. So your best bet is to exploit all Octopath Traveler 2 Pirro weaknesses until all his shields are lost and then you march towards victory.

Pirro is vulnerable to Sword Attacks. Use Swords as your primary weapon while causing Physical Damage.

Considering Elemental Weaknesses, Pirro is prone to Light and Dark based spells. Make use of Light and Dark elemental attacks to deal the most damage.

Pirro special attacks

In Octopath Traveler 2, Pirro is the first boss Throne will encounter so knowing about Pirro’s special attacks is what increases your odds of winning.

Special AttacksWhat They Do
Lightning SpeedMakes Pirro speed up
Double EdgeA two-slash attack that results in physical damage
Triple EdgeA three-slash attack that results in physical damage
Stunning StrikePhysical Attack that deals great damage
Dark NeedleOne hit attack that depletes your SP
Pierce ThroughPiercing attack that causes high physical damage
Pirro Steals His ResolveBoost Mode for Pirro, he will attack twice in the next round

How to defeat Pirro in Octopath Traveler 2

To defeat Pirro, you need to keep his weakness in mind. Your primary weapon to cause physical damage should be a sword.

Additionally, you can use the ‘Darkest Night’ attack to deal Dark-based damage as Pirro is vulnerable to dark. Using this attack, you can single-handedly cause Pirro up to 300 damage.

You can also bring Throne’s Latent Power ‘Leave No Trace’ to use. This skill allows Throne to move twice in one turn against Pirro.

Throne has Thief as her job so you can use the Path Action ‘Steal’ to acquire the Light Soulstone from Pirro and exploit his light-based vulnerability by using the Light Soulstone against him.

To ensure victory against Pirro, you need to have ‘HP Thief’ as the first purchased skill for Throne as this will keep your health points intact while dealing massive damage.

Best party for Pirro

Out of the 4 chapters in Throne’s Storyline, you will come across Pirro in the first one. You and Pirro will be fighting for the succession to Father’s throne so it is a one-on-one fight.

You won’t have a party setup so you need to make sure that your JP and HP are above par to fight this boss alone.

What else to bring to the fight?

Before initiating the boss fight with Pirro, you need to equip yourself with ‘Healing Grape’. This item will restore your depleted HP after Pirro’s attacks and it can be brought from stores for 50 leaves.   

Pirro boss drops

  • Inspiriting Plum Basket, an item otherwise bought for 2160 leaves that can restore SP to all allies
  • 535 leaves
  • 41 EXP
  • 15 JP
  • Overkill and Break bonuses