How To Get Legendary Arms In Octopath Traveler 2

For players demanding the best set of weapons, Octopath Traveler 2 provides a unique set of equipment called the Legendary Arms.

Octopath Traveler 2 offers a variety of equipment to choose from. With each player demanding the best set of weapons, to master their skills, Octopath Traveler 2 provides them with a unique set of eight pieces of equipment called the Legendary Arms.  

Due to the powerful stats and special abilities that come with each Legendary Arm, players are eager to grasp one of these pieces of weapons and armor.  

In this guide, we will be showing you the locations to find all Legendary Arms in Octopath Traveler 2.  

Octopath Traveler 2 legendary arms locations 

In Octopath Travel 2, Legendary Weapons provide the wielder additional buffs to their skills and grant them access to special abilities. These Legendary sets of equipment are found scattered around the World of Solistia.  

Forbidden Blade

You will find this weapon locked inside a chest in Forsaken Graveyard, Crestland Region. However, you must defeat the Devourer of Dreams boss to reach the chest.  

The Forbidden Blade is a sword that consists of a high physical attack. However, its chances of applying physical attack buffs to the opponent are quite slim. 

Double Tomahawk 

The Double Tomahawk is an Axe that is capable of dealing an additional attack. You will find this Legendary Arm inside a chest in the southwest section of The Sundering Sea. 

The location can only be reached when you venture into a boat that you can acquire by completing Partitio’s Scent of Commerce Quest

Sunshadow Staff 

The Sunshadow Staff in Octopath Traveler 2 is known for increasing the overall potency of dark and light-based attacks. This Legendary Arm is found by fast traveling to Gravell in Wildlands.  

Once at the location, simply visit the outer part of the town in Western Gravell Wilds while making sure that you wait till dawn. This is where a young boy appears to walk in the direction of the cliff.  

At this point, you must engage in a fight against the NPC and defeat the young boy using Temenos’ Path Action to get rewarded with the Sunshadow Staff Legendary Arm. 

Exorcising Bow 

The Exorcising Bow is a typical Bow in Octopath Traveler 2. This Legendary Arm is known to possess minor chances of reducing the target’s elemental attack.  

You will find it in the possession of the Elderly Guard who are found in Timberain in the Leaflands. 

Visit the central part of the town and head west down to the forested area. Steal it from the Elderly Guard with the help of Throne’s Path Action and acquire this Legendary Arm. 

Fire Dragon’s Glaive 

The Fire Dragon’s Glaive is a Polearm. It is capable of increasing the overall potency of fire-based attacks.

This Legendary Arm is found in Hinoeuma, locked inside a chest. You will find it in the Secret Room at the Decaying Temple (east of Sai). 

You can enter the Temple by removing all your party members except one at the Tavern and then moving to the save point.  

Head up the set of stairs on the left and make your way to the upper right side of the area. Once you have reached the point, interact with the scroll to unveil the hidden room where you’ll find the Legendary Arm inside the chest.  

Mooneater Dagger 

A Dagger that is capable of increasing the overall potency of fire and ice-based attacks. This Legendary Arm is found at the Lost Seed in the Brightlands. It is in the possession of the NPC Ruined Vessel.  

To acquire this Legendary Arm, you must use Throne to steal it. However, do note that this area is unlocked as a part of Throne’s Chapter 4, and you’ll unlock it after completing this chapter.  

Vest of Joy

A Body Armor that can increase resistance to poison, sleep, confusion, blindness, silence, terror, and unconsciousness. You will come across this Legendary Arm by completing the A Girl’s Request quest. 

Simply visit the outskirts of Conning Creek in Harborlands and interact with the girl at the graveyard to accept this quest. During the quest, you must complete the following tasks: 

  • Gaining details related to the Adventures of an Apprentice Cleric’s sequel. 
  • Acquiring a Deluxe Crepe in New Delsta from the Crepe Maker. 
  • Appointing Roland, the Floral Designer in Timberain.  

Stone of Truth

An accessory that provides an increase in the spell intensity at beginning of each battle. This Legendary Arm is found in the Beneath the Wall dungeon (Winterlands).

To acquire it, you must have at least seven members in your party which you can do by recruiting 3 NPCs using Path Action.  

Once recruited, cross the rope bridge and trigger it to break. This will lead you into an unknown dungeon below where you will face the Dreadwolf boss. Defeat it to receive the Legendary Arm.  

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