Where To Find The Cleric Novelist In Octopath Traveler 2

“A Young Girl’s Wish” is a side story in Octopath Traveler 2 in which you have to find the cleric novelist as well as complete two other tasks for a dying girl.

You have to fulfill her three wishes by locating three different items in three different locations. The only problem is that the quest does not point you in the right direction, especially in the case of the cleric novelist. She is found at a different location than the one the quest guides you to.

The remaining two wishes, though, can be easily completed for A Young Girl’s Wish.

Octopath Traveler 2 A Young Girl’s Wish walkthrough

The quest A Young Girl’s Wish starts when you talk to the girl. This girl is located on the outskirts of Conning Creek.  Reaching here, go to the cemetery and there will be the girl. She will tell you that she is sick but doesn’t like to take medicine because they are very distasteful.

She makes three wishes but she doesn’t tell about them until you have Oswald use Scrutinize on her. The three wishes and how to complete them are as follows.

How to find the Adventures of an Apprentice Cleric’s Sequel

The first wish is to find the sequel to the Apprentice Cleric. You may think that this can be found in either Flamechurch or Canalbrine or Stormhail, but it is not there. The Octopath Traveler 2 cleric novelist is instead located in Borderfall.

Before going to Borderfall, make sure you have Osvald with you. In Borderfall, move to the northern part of the town until you find a small church. In the church, talk to the character to the left.

Using Oswald here will Scrutinize the Sequel from her. You can now go back to the girl or carry on with the remaining wishes.

How to find the New Delsta Crepe

This wish’s location, as the name suggests, is in New Delsta. The Crepe can be found with the Crepe maker located when you go left on the path and then up towards the castle. He will be in front of the castle’s gates.

From the Crepe maker, you can either buy the crepe using Partitio, mug the Crepe Maker using Osvald or Steal it using Throne. But both stealing and mugging can be done at night. Give this to the Apathetic Girl to complete this wish.

How to find Roland

Roland is the Floral Designer in Timberain. He can be found in the town square of Timberain, right of the fountain. the Apathetic girl is a big fan of Roland and wants to see him before she dies.

You can either recruit him using Partitio with 19200 leaves or you can guide him using Temenos but this requires that Temenos be of high enough level, otherwise, this wouldn’t work.

Now when you have collected all the required things with you, you can then go back to the girl and complete the quest by giving the things she wished for. She will then reward you with 15000 leaves, a Vest of Joy, and a Revitalizing Jam.



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