The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Bottles Locations Guide

Find and collect all four bottles in the game with this detailed The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Bottles Locations guide

Bottles are collectible items in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time that can be used for holding Potion, Fairies, Bugs, and various other items. Four empty bottles are available for acquiring throughout the Hyrule map, out of the four three are side quest exclusive while one is acquired through the main story quests.

The following The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Bottles Locations guide will help you acquire each one of the four bottles by assisting you through their respective quests.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time bottles locations

You can follow the detailed guide below on how you can complete these side quests and get the bottles.

Bottle #1

In Kakariko Village, talk to the Anju on the south side of the village, who is standing near a pen and holding her head. She will ask you to find her 7 Cuccos ‘Chickens’ and reward that would be something good. (Bottle)

You need to collect 7 chickens and put them in the lady’s pen to get your first bottle. The locations of the chicken are as follows:

  1. The first chicken will be found upon entering Kakariko Village, look straight up head to find it.
  2. The second chicken is hidden inside a wooden container, placed next to the stairs of a house. To enter the crate press both A and forward simultaneously.
  3. The third chicken will be found as you head in the direction of the Death Mountain Trail. Once there climb the second staircase you encounter to find the chicken at the top.
  4. From the location of the third chicken, look for a tall tower and jump onto the red roof beside it. From here locate a well nearby and take the stairs beside it. Once you climb up, turn around to find a second staircase, climb this one as well. The chicken will be found in the neighboring house, simply leap off from the edge to the other side to capture it.
  5. Head towards the stairs and look straight ahead to find an enclosed chicken pen, the fifth chicken will be found here.
  6. From the previous chicken’s location, climb up the stairs beside you. Now walk towards a fence straight ahead, with the minimal distance possible, leap over it. While holding the chicken you will be restricted from climbing however your leap ability will increase. Take a slanting stance and jump, now once in the air, drop the held chicken to latch onto the fence. Throw the chicken over if it lands on the wrong side of the fence. Drop down, grab the sixth chicken beside the ladder, and throw him over.
  7. There is a ladder from where you can catch the sixth chicken. You must climb this ladder and reach its top, where you will find the seventh chicken right in front.

Bottle #2

As you enter Lon-Lon Ranch in the past, take the door to your left. Inside you will find Talon sleeping in a room full of Cuccos. Wake him up and he will ask you to play a game.

To get bottle #2, you will need to play Talon’s Cucco game at Lon-Lon Ranch. You will need to locate three special chickens in the pile, and he will reward you with a bottle with Lon-Lon milk in it.

Bottle #3

It’s part of the main quest so you can’t miss it. Princess Ruto has left a bottle underwater with a letter. Drive down and retrieve it with a letter. Show that letter to King Zora, he will let you keep the bottle.

Bottle #4

Once you have saved Epona and acquired Fairy Bow, you can take this side quest which requires you to collect the Big Poes. Ride Epona around Hyrule Field and shoot these with your bow. Talk to their souls and collect them in a bottle.

You need to collect Poes from Hyrule Field as Adult Link. Take your captured poes to the ghost in Hyrule Castle Town. You can find him inside the first door on the right when you first walk into the Hyrule field.

You have to collect the Poes and then give it to the Poe Collector. The Poe Collector was the Guard House of the Castle Town Market in Ocarina of Time and now sits in the Ghost Shop.

He has Poe spirits with him and if Link catches any Big Poes and gives them to the Poe Collector, he receives 50 Rupees and 100 points. If Link has collected 1000 Points, he will receive an Empty Bottle from him

You can find all Big Poes in the areas specified below:

Big Poe #1

Location. Go towards the Southern side just when you exit the Hyrule Castle’s gate and follow the sign. Once you cross the bridge, the Poe is going to appear automatically

Big Poe #2

Location. You’ll find a stream on the Western Side of the Hyrule Castle, just follow the stream and you will come across some black bushes. You have to pass from the top of one of those bushes for Poe to appear.

Big Poe #3

Location. Go to the Lon Lon Ranch and find an alone tree on the northern side. You must pass the tree for the Big Poe to appear.

Big Poe #4

Location. Go to the Southeastern side of the Gerudo Valley and find a fork, the Big Poe is just there.

Big Poe #5

Location. Go to the Southeastern side of the Gerudo Valley again and where the fork is on the path, head towards the Northern side and look for a lone tree.

Big Poe #6

Location. Stand at the top of the Y-shaped pathway beside the silver boulder found between the Lon-Lon Ranch and Kokiri Forest. If you stand correctly, the Big Poe is going to appear.

Big Poe #7

Location. Go towards the Southern side of the rock you found at #6 and find a small area of grass next to the tree. It is on that grass.

Big Poe #8

Location. Go towards the western side of #7 and look beside the yellow trees.

Big Poe #9

Location. Look between the tree which is in front of the stairs and the mountain cliff. (Kakariko Village)

Big Poe #10

Location. Lon-Lon Ranch, go towards the Eastern Side and look for a stone wall that looks like a boomerang. Find the Big Poe near that wall.

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