Nvidia Releases Geforce Driver 358.50 For Star Wars: Battlefront Beta

If there is one thing about Nvidia that everyone will agree upon, even the AMD fans, it’s that their driver support is amazing and new Game Ready GPU drivers are almost always available well before the release of every major game.

Continuing this tradition, Nvidia has now made available its latest 358.50 WHQL drivers for its graphic cards.

The drivers are mainly designed for performance improvements for the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront beta which is set to begin tomorrow, Oct. 8, 2015.

Along with the improved functionality for Battlefront beta, the drivers as usual also include various bug fixes and increased support for other Nvidia features.

The drivers add DirectX 11 SLI profiles for Layers of Fear, Miscreated, Trainz: A New Era and Zui Zhong Bing Qi as well as improved 3D functionality for some other games including Warhammer: End Time – Vermintide.

Accompanying the driver, Nvidia has also published internal testing results of the Battlefront beta according to which a GTX 970 should be able to handle the game with above 60 frames per second at 1080p resolution and medium settings.

The full patch notes and details can be seen here on the Nvidia Drivers page.

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