Nvidia Pascal Titan GP100 Comes in April and GTX 1080 in June

The future roadmap of Nvidia suggests GTX 1080/ 1070 will be unveiled in June while Pascal Titan GP100

The future roadmap of Nvidia seems to have all the details cleared on how they wish to counter AMD. The latest news on their plans regarding the upcoming Pascal architecture, GTX 1080 as well as Volta has been circling the internet lately.

So first off, the company plans to ship the Pascal architecture in all their future products out of which at least the high-end models are going to pack a GP100. Their smaller variant, GP104, is also expected to fashion a denser architecture thanks to its 37.5×37.5mm BGA package, and 2152 pins. This one is going to be faster as well.

Coming to Titan based GP100 products, it is expected that Nvidia will finally announce and officially reveal them in April i.e. only two months from now although a downgraded version will get official a year and a half later in June 2017.

We have also picked up that a GT104 based series which is expected to be called GTX 1080 is also going to be announced in June this year alongside a less powerful version which is going to be called GeForce GTX 1070. You can expect the announcements right before or after COMPUTEX.

As far as current products are concerned, Maxwell 1.0 core generation with chip code GM108 is going to continue for low end mobile products except for GeForce 930M / 940M.

The suggested roadmap has also revealed that Volta GPU will come in a working condition by 2017 – this is the architecture that is expected to be twice as powerful as Nvidia Pascal.

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