Nvidia GeForce GTX 880 Launching Next Month for $400? I Hope So!

So this came in recently out of the constantly running rumor mill that we have in our industry.

As it happens, there is word in the air that the launch of Nvidia GeForce GTX 880 is just around the corner; in fact, the new graphics card is (apparently) going to be out in the market as early as next month!

According to this rumor, Nvidia is going to hold an event for the sake of the launch ceremony of the new graphics card where members of the press will be invited.

The event is supposedly going to be held in mid-September, but it will be just the paper launch of Nvidia GeForce GTX 880. The rumors go on to suggest that the cards will up for grabs shortly thereafter but before the end of September.

Moreover, it has been reported that the GTX 880 has been certified already which further aids the speculation that the development process of the hardware is complete or very close to the finish line.

There is more on it, the specs are expected to be 256b interface and a likely 4GB GDDRS – a model carrying 8GB is also expected.

Last one of all the rumors is the more interesting one, it is being speculated that the graphics cards could actually be cheaper than expected. In fact, an expected price tag is being attached to the card which is an astonishing $400 to $450!

All this sounds really great, but it is after all unconfirmed news and should be treated as mere hearsay – until at least the company confirms it or, better yet, launched the Nvidia GeForce GTX 880 graphics card in September.

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