Report: Nvidia Ampere GPUs Will Deliberately Block Mining At Hardware Level

The recent boom in cryptocurrency mining has caused a shortage of GPUs in the market and with it the price for the GPUs have also increased and while AMD and Nvidia are looking at options to keep up with the GPU demand but, a report has made its way on the internet suggesting that Nvidia might block cryptocurrency mining at hardware level with Nvidia Ampere GPUs.

Recently, a rumor made its way on the internet suggesting that Nvidia Ampere GPUs will be rolling out in April and considering if their mining capabilities will be blocked will result in the GPU prices and supply going back to normal.

What this means is that Nvidia will be deliberately sabotaging the mining performance of its upcoming GPUs so that cryptocurrency miners might stay away from them and the GPU demand could be met by the retailers resulting in GPU prices going back to normal.

Speaking of Nvidia, the company has noted in recent earnings call that they are 10x bigger than AMD and added that compared to AMD, the company has a lot of more suppliers than its competitor which supply them.

While the statement about being 10x bigger than AMD doesn’t seem like much but, if we compare market caps for both companies, you will notice that the company is really 10 times bigger than AMD. Currently, AMD’s market cap stands at $10.8 Billion while Nvidia’s market cap stands at $131 Billion.

Furthermore, it is unknown what Nvidia will choose to call its next generation of consumer GPUs as there are speculations that the next-gen GPU will be GTX 20 series while some speculate that it will be GTX 1180.

Do you think Nvidia should block cryptocurrency mining with its Ampere powered GPUs? Will blocking the digital mining will result in GPU prices going back to normal? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Expreview

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