Numerous PS4 Update 3.50 Bugs and Errors Causing Problems

A number of recurring PS4 update 3.50 bugs and errors are causing problems for users; PS4 not booting up, overheating, Remote Play Accessibility not working etc.

Sony released their latest system software update a couple of days ago, and now that users have started playing the console with it regularly, a number of issues have sprung up. Numerous PS4 3.50 update bugs and errors are causing problems, not for all, but a number of users.

PS4 owners have taken to the official forums of PlayStation as well as elsewhere to complain about the problems that, despite not being too widespread, are recurring.

PS4 Update 3.50 Bugs and Errors

First off, a number of user have complained that the ever since the system software update has been released, some microphones on third party headsets have stopped working.

A number of other features are also not working like the HULU app which is sending error messages to the users and the Remote Play Accessibility which is causing issues for some users who attempted remote play for PC and Mac. Some users say that custom button assignments are not being forwarded.

Moving on, a peculiar PS4 update 3.50 bug is that when some of the console owners try to play videos in the Media Player they get a green line on top of the player for no reason.

More issues, directly related to the console itself, include the PS4 randomly entering rest mode at times after the update has been installed. In some cases this is followed by a bleeping sound.

The console is also reportedly heating up more than usual the cause of which is still unclear.

Lastly, some users have stumbled upon the ultimate issue i.e. the PS4 not booting up after the update has been installed. People are saying that this has happened even if they install with the regular download method or the safe menu update.

Have you faced any of these (or other) PS4 update 3.50 bugs and errors? Do let us know in the comments below.

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