November 2018 Xbox One Update Rolls Out Today, Offers Mouse And Keyboard Capacity

The November 2018 Xbox One update has been rolled out today, offering mouse and keyboard capacity along with other new additions.

A new November 2018 Xbox One update has rolled out today in the aftermath of XO18, giving out a lot of information that Xbox One players will likely find pleasing for a number of reasons. It’s all hardware updates, but there’s still a few you might get excited about in it.

To start off with, the Xbox One update finally allows keyboard and mouse functionality. So, if you’re making the transition from PC gaming to an Xbox One but don’t quite have the hang of a controller yet, or are just looking for an extra advantage, this might be a good update for you. The first game to get this functionality will be Fortnite, though others will follow in the future.

Along with that, as a part of the November 2018 Xbox One update, Microsoft and Razer are beginning a partnership and will be offering a “Designed For Xbox” mouse and keyboard set for optimal play. You can also use it to game on Windows 10, and will have a dedicated Xbox key, and support for the new Xbox dynamic lighting capability. This will allow your keyboard to be able to mimic the lighting conditions in your game.

Alexa and Cortana will also be getting updates, allowing them to learn and update as they go based on fan feedback. You can now try them both out now. Along with Alexa and Cortana, the Amazon Music app is also going to be coming to the Xbox One, which lets you turn your Xbox One into a music player when you’re not using it to play games.

Finally, the November 2018 Xbox One update also upgraded the console’s Search function, making it easier than ever to find a game that you’re looking for, not only in your “Ready to Install” and memberships, but also in Xbox Game Pass, EA Access, and more.

You can download the update now on your Xbox One, so if any of these tickles your fancy you can download the update and then try them out.

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