Nostalrius Petition Reach 200K Signatures, Game Lead Will Deliver It to Blizzard

World of Warcraft Nostalrius Petition has reached over 200K signatures and will now delivered to president Mike Morhaime from Blizzard.

Blizzard did a crackdown of vanilla World of Warcraft Vanilla servers recently and threatened to sue Nostalrius. The server was running stripped down version of World of Warcraft without expansions and Blizzard asked them to take it down which is exactly what the creators did.

Now, a petition filed to revive Nostalrius server has reached 200K signatures and counting. This is an achievement because World of Warcraft lead, Mark Kern, promised to personally deliver this petition to president Mike Morhaime if it reached 200K.

I can’t believe all the support you’ve shown for vanilla WoW servers. In the past few days you’ve all doubled the Nostalrius petition count and smashed through the 200,000 signature goal.

Thank you.

Now its time for me to get to work and put together a package to deliver to Mike Morhaime. Here’s what I’m doing:

Printing the petition. All 5000 pages of it.

Writing an open letter to Mike, and sharing it with the community.

Shooting a video of the open letter and uploading it to @SodaPoppinTv’s channel

E-mailing the whole thing to Mike on Friday and making the letter/video public on Friday as well.

Following up on Monday with a call to Mike on his cell and office.

Nostalrius servers were shut down definitively on 10th of April 2016. There were over half a million players who used it. More updates on the story will some in the near future once Nostalrius petition is delivered to president Mike Morhaime.

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