Northgard Food Guide – Producing Food, Storage, Sources

In this Northgard Food Guide, we will tell you how you can collect food as a resource, what types of food you can collect, how you can store the food and what are the best practices to make sure that your food collection process is running most efficiently. Below you will find some tips and tricks relating to food and its management.

Northgard Food

Food is the most important resource in Northgard. You will be spending a lot of time collecting food from different sources in Northgard. We have curated this Northgard Food Guide because efficient food collecting is vital in Northgard and we have some tips and tricks for you that will help in collecting and preserving food for your town.

In Northgard, your town will expand based on how many people are living in it. For survival they will require food. This makes food one of the most important resources of the game. As more people tend to join your clan, the demand of food keeps on increasing. The requirements of your people are not the only thing you need to collect food for. You also need it to expand to other territories.

The cost of acquiring a new tile of land is food. As you expand to new areas, the cost of acquiring new lands also tend to increase. At a later stage, it becomes vital for you to check your stock before considering to expand to new locations because the cost of buying that specific tile of land might not be worth spending all that food on.

To see how much food you have, you can check in the upper right section of the game. To check how much food you are gaining currently, there will be a + sign with a digit next to it indicating how much food is being added to your stock by all your production structures.


To ensure that the food that you collect is kept safe, you need to build silos. Silos not only keep your food safe, they also increase the total amount of food as well as other resources you can store for a later use. Each silo will increase the total amount of food storage by 500. Silos not only increase your food storage but they also increase the production rate of resources by 10%.

Silos also protect your food in case of different calamities such as rat infestations. If you do not have silos, the rats will spoil your food by 50%. If the food is stored in silos, it will not be safe during such infestations and it will degrade over time.

Sources of Food

You can gather food by four sources in Northgard. The first source is available to you right from the start of the game which are your villagers. By default, all villagers are assigned to collecting food for your town. They will look for options around the town hall, collect food and return it to the town hall.

Each villager will produce 4 food. They will continue this food collection unless you assign to some other task such as building, resource collection or the military. Your second source of food are the hunters. You can have them once you have the Hunter’s Lodge. They will give you 5 food each and will hunt for animals around town or near their huts in the wild.

The third source of food is your fishermen. They will collect fish as food. Each fisherman will give you 4 food. They become useful in winters so it is best if you use them in winters as much as possible. During summers, you can focus on the normal villagers as they give you same amount of food. The last source of food are the farms. Each farm gives you 5 food but a single one costs 5 wood to be built. Keep them low priority and build only when absolute necessity arises.

You can upgrade tools and buildings to increase the production rate. During winters, the food generation becomes half so if villagers are giving you 4 food during normal season, this will become 2 in winters for them. Fishermen are not affected by winters and they will continue to give full amount of food even in winters. To keep this thing in mind, you must have a good stock of food to survive through the winters.

Coming to the efficiency of food production. Hunters are the most efficient of all food-gathering structures. You can upgrade the structure as well as hunter’s tools to increase the efficiency of food collection. The only problem with them is that a single Hunter’s Lodge can only support 3 hunters maximum at a single time. If you want more hunters, you will have to construct more Hunter’s Lodges and assign more villagers to them.

This concludes our Northgard Food Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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