Nordic Games is Looking for New Ideas For Darksiders 3

One of the member of Nordic Games has stated that Darksiders 3 has a future and the studio is currently looking for new ideas for it.

Nordic Games upon the bankruptcy of THQ got rights to Darksiders franchise, but since then, they have not shared any information on when and if we will be able to see Darksiders 3.

However, it looks like that the wait will be over soon, as Nordic’s product development director Reinhard Pollice stated in an interview that there will certainly be a future of Darksiders series.

Definitely don’t pull it off the radar. Just watch out. Check out what we’re announcing. There will be a future for Darksiders. There has to be a future for Darksiders.

He went on to share that currently, studio is looking at different ideas for the next game as the developer would like to take series into a whole new direction.

We really want to sit back a bit, take a look at what possible angles we can take for the next Darksiders game, and also work with the right people on that.

Darksiders 2 was released in 2012 and fans have been waiting for the announcement of sequel ever since. However, these new comments from Pollice reassure that the series will stay alive.

The developers are just looking for ideas at the moment so there is just no way for the game to release before 2016.

Are you looking forward to see Darksiders 3?

Source: GenGames

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