No More Delays for Mighty No. 9, Sequel Being Planned

Mighty No. 9 developers says that the game will not be delayed again. He also spoke about a sequel being planned for the game.

We have some great news for fans waiting to get their hands on Mighty No. 9. The game was suppose to release in 2015, but was pushed to 2016. However, creator Keiji Inafune Inafune has promised that there won’t be anymore delays.

Speaking during Unreal Fest 2015, Inafune said that Mighty No. 9 will not be delayed again. It is great news for fans looking forward to playing the game, but we have more information that you’ll find exciting.

According to Inafune, they are planning a sequel for Mighty No 9. However, if fans want to see sequel to the game they must pray for Mighty No 9’s success, because its success will decide if there is going to be another game.

Anyways, speaking about why the game was delayed to 2016, Inafune said that one of the reasons was the number of platforms. Mighty No 9 is releasing on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

We strongly hope Inafune lives up to his promise of no delays. As for the sequel, we should wait to play Mighty No. 9 before deciding we want another game or not.

For more on Mighty No. 9, stay-tuned!

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