No Man’s Sky Steam Player Base Has Dropped 98% Since Launch

No Man’s Sky launched in August and it was the biggest game launch of 2016. The game was quite hyped by Hello Games for its uniqueness and longevity, however, the after one month of its launch the reality is very different as No Man’s Sky has lost its 98 percent of its Steam player base.

The statistics come from the SteamCharts and SteamSpy websites, which show the active number of players for No Man’s Sky since launch. Shortly after the game’s launch it had 212,321 users playing concurrently, but these numbers fell quickly during initial weekend and by Monday the numbers were almost 60,000, the reviews for this game are enough to explain why.

The lowest point for the game has been 1000 concurrent players on Steam just a few days ago, which shows that No Man’s Sky has lost 62 percent of players in last 30 days.

For a game, which is is the biggest game launch of this year, its kind of embarrassing that it is barely hanging on in the Top 100 most played games on Steam. No Mans’s Sky is on #97 behind titles like Football Manager 2014, and no even had imagined that this would happen after the huge launch of the game.



It also important to mention that we don not have access to No Man’s Sky users on PlayStation 4, and there might be a chance that things would be better on the Sony’s console.

The game itself quite repetitive, and there is really nothing for gamers to come back and want to see more, and now even if the game peaks it only pulls just over 3000 users before dropping again. Part of the reason for this drastic drop in concurrent player base might be the lack of multiplayer that Hello Games promised before released and still have not done anything about it.

So what do you think of this drop in game’s concurrent players on Steam? Let us know in the comments.

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