No Man’s Sky Shouldn’t Be Tagged As Just a Space Simulator, It’s a Game First

No Man's Sky shouldn't be considered just a space simulator. New details on factions and more shared.

After keeping quiet regarding No Man’s Sky for a few months, Murray has finally shared more about the game. According to him, fans shouldn’t tag No Man’s Sky as just another Space Simulator, it’s a game first.

The rule we’ve set ourselves is that it’s a game first, not a simulation. Space has to be fun, and everything you find in it should offer interesting ways of playing. So for instance, a black hole could be a really cool gameplay element, but maybe a supernova isn’t so much.

He also said that planets will vary dramatically in terms of size, color, life forms etc. Speaking in an interview, Murray revealed that users will experience weather events on these planets as well, such as Rain, dust storms, snow, blizzards, storms and more.

Weather on alien planets may also feature radioactive and toxic hazards, so watch out for that. The game creator confirmed that factions are going to be procedurally generated, like the majority of the game. With that said, each faction will have different traits and characteristics.

Factions will become friends with you if you help them out, maybe by defending them against an attack from a warring faction or a pirate attack. Perhaps if you’re attacked and they’re around, they’ll come and help you in return, or maybe they’ll give you preferential treatment as a trader.

No Man’s Sky will release on PlayStation 4 and PC soon.

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