No Man’s Sky Players Are Asking for Refunds But Sony’s Unfair Refund Policy is a Hurdle

No Man’s Sky released for PlayStation 4 and PC earlier this month after extensive promotional period and hype but is being hammered by the community.

There are many different reasons why that is the case, such as false marketing, cut features, and Sean Murray lying about its multiplayer for years.

The game’s Steam reviews tell the whole story, check them out if you wish.

No Man’s Sky is not the game fans expected it to be based the promotional material shown. On top of that, the game suffers from many different issues and bugs. A huge chunk of the community is now asking for its money back from Sony.

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However, those who bought the game from PlayStation Store are having a hard time convincing Sony for a refund. Sony has a very unfair refund policy set for PlayStation Store. You can not get a refund if you have started to download or stream the game.

Or the game would need to be faulty to qualify for a refund.

Many have tried and failed to get a refund from Sony but for those who bought the game from Steam, are perfectly happy with Valve’s refund policy.

If you bought the game from Steam and haven’t played it for more than 2 hours, you can get a refund within 14 days. Setting the same policy on PlayStation Store is really that difficult for Sony?

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