No Lobbies in Project CARS on Xbox One is Microsoft’s Fault

Slightly Mad Studios says that Microsoft is responsible for Xbox One version of Project CARS not having lobbies.

Ever since Project CARS was announced, it has impressed tons of the racing simulation videogame fans. Those who only had the option to play Forza or Gran Turismo were now looking forward to what Slightly Mad Studios would bring them.

The game released on May 7 and has not disappointed in general however, there are a few elements that the fans wished to see in the game that developers missed out on.

On top of that list are the issues with the game’s multiplayer component which many players have regarded as lacking in adequate options. For instance, the game doesn’t allow lobbies on the Xbox One version of the game resulting in random matchmaking that is below par most of the time.

The issue was raised on the official forums of the Project CARS developers, but their representative revealed something totally different. According to Slightly Mad Studios, the lack of lobbies on the game’s Xbox One version is because of “first party reasons” i.e. Microsoft’s choice:

I checked and for first party reasons we can’t offer a lobby browser on XB1. But we are looking into ways to improve the XB1 matchmaking.

So I guess we now know who to ask that question.

Alongside that, it has been claimed at NeoGAF that the upcoming patch to the game is going to show some love to Xbox One because apparently “Xbox One will gain at least 4-7% performance in a patch shortly and address some of the controller issues.”

Have you played Project CARS? What other issues did you face in the game?

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