No Loading Screens in God of War 4

God Of War just the door and the developers have been rolling out lot of interesting details regarding game. One of which is that there is going to be no.

Sony’s biggest AAA PlayStation 4 exclusive title, God Of War is less than a month away with the release date set for April. It is a reboot of the God of War series and will introduce many new features, including less wait for the players to jump into the action.

Recently the game’s director of cinematography, Doru Aarazi, has said that there are no loading screens in God of War 4.

The developers have recently put out a new video, in which we have the director of cinematography, Dori Aarazi reveals that God Of War doesn’t have loading screens.

Which seems to be a pretty neat move on behalf of the development team. According to Dori Aarazi, executing a no-cut camera in the game was one of the most challenging things the development team had to perform.

The transition between the cinematic dialogue exchange into the actual gameplay without introducing any loading screen was a tough job.

The whole team had to be in a perfect synchronization with each other on who is doing what so that the transitions between the cinematic scenes and gameplay scenes are in a perfect alignment.

The has shown some glimpses of how the camera works are literally amazing.

Moreover, the director Cory Barlog has been giving out a lot of interesting details regarding the game. Recently he revealed some information regarding the God Of War’s sense of humor.

According to him, the game has a very distinct, dark, weird yet amazing sense of humor. Which he thinks is a necessity because including the humor factor balances the dark tone.

That said, very recently an unedited gameplay of the game was leaked, which has been getting removed from different platforms because of its legality issues.

Fortunately, we have some links that do not fall prey to those legal problems. So do give that video a try, it is amazing and reveals a lot about, how the game is going to be.

God Of War is scheduled to roll out on April 20th, for PS4 exclusively.

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