New God of War Unedited Gameplay Is Phenomenal, Attacking Sequence Even More Amazing

From time to time we have had a lot of gameplay and cinematic trailers of the upcoming game God Of War but we have not had God of War Unedited Gameplay.

One of the highly anticipated games, God Of War, that is scheduled to roll out coming April, has been rolling out series of cinematic as well as gameplay trailers. All of which are really amazing, but the game has not had any unedited gameplay yet. Well, that has changed, the God Of War Unedited Gameplay has been leaked and it is phenomenal.

We all had to wait a long time to get a glimpse of this uninterrupted, unedited gameplay of this amazing Sony Santa Monica’s upcoming God of War game. One thing is for sure that it was worth the wait. Through this gameplay, fans can have a glimpse at the amazing attacking sequence of the game.

First of all the video is pretty explanatory and not too small. Furthermore, the combat in the game looks excellent. We can see the camera pulled in close to the protagonist Kratos, which is certainly a claustrophobic take on the franchise.

Above all, what we can gather from the gameplay is that there are going to be a variety of ways, that the players can attack which only makes it more amazing. Like for example, you can launch enemies into the air, throw axe to pin them against the war and you can call upon Atreus to keep your combo alive with his bow.

These are just some of the things, there is a whole different stuff that the players will be available to perform. Now that said this gameplay is being removed due to copyright issues from most of the sites, but we have made available to you the video.

The video is available on a site that won’t take it down because they require physical letter DMCA notices. Although, the video has been split into 4 due to some file size limit. You can view the all four by following the links below;

God of War Gameplay Part 1

God of War Gameplay Part 2

God of War Gameplay Part 3

God of War Gameplay Part 4

Be that as it may, the hype of the game is almost at the peak, fans are more and more anxious to play the game. So while you guys wait for the game we have glued together all of the previous cinematic as well as gameplay trailers for you guys. Watching them in sequence will certainly give you a better insight.

After having a look at the God of War Unedited Gameplay, what are your thoughts? Isn’t it amazing? let us know in the comments below.

The game will be available on April 20, 2018, exclusively for PlayStation 4.