No, Hellblade Won’t Delete Your Save File

Hellblade save files won’t really be deleted if you die too often. According to reports from yesterday, the game deletes your save files if you die too often. It seems that the corruption spreads depending on how far you are into the game.

And since you are provided a false sense of knowledge of what could happen if you keep dying, it creates a tension while playing the game. Adding a false message of perma-death makes sense if you consider Senua’s mental state. She is afraid of things that aren’t real, that fear is what the developers want you to feel.

Fear of the save files being deleted is tied to Senua’s psychosis. It is a very interesting element but unfortunately instead of understanding why it is present in the game, part of the community bashing Hellblade. Still, the game has seen positive reception from the community overall as well as the critics.

The success of the game means that we may see another installment soon. According to a previous statement from Ninja Theory, if Hellblade is successful they are going to consider turning this new IP into a franchise. Hellblade was developed by a small team of developers with a goal of changing the way AAA titles are developed.

An “indie AAA” title is how Ninja Theory likes to describe its new game.

Sadly, its success will take a slight hit due to hackers being able to crack the game within 24 hours. The ISO file is now available to download on a number of pirate websites.

Hellblade is now available on PC and PlayStation 4. You can grab a copy from Steam or download from the PlayStation Store.

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