No Decision on if Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will have DLC

While DICE focus on making Mirror's Edge Catalyst the best quality experience for the gamer, DLC has not been decided on. Would a lack of DLC Disappoint?

With the heavily story driven nature of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst one of the questions to be answered is what DLC will we expect after the game is released that could extend the enjoyment? The only answer we have to this right now is that there are no plans now, or ones we can be told about.

German game site playfront are reporting that while the original game did have some available DLC in the form of the Pure Time Trials DICE still haven’t made their mind up about if Catalyst will have any. The focus is to make the main game look and play as good as it possibly can.

With this in mind, Senior Producer Sara Jansson has also stressed that the high quality of the game is the current goal. With this in mind no resolution or frame rate news has been revealed either.

With the original Mirror’s Edge lacking any real meaty DLC, and Mirror’s Edge Catalyst being so story driven, is this a sign that we won’t really get any downloadable content for the game? It’s probably too soon to answer that question, and with most games using DLC these days to make more of a profit from the game it would be surprising not to see anything at all.

With the possibility of costume changes, time trials, or even more story driven content there are many ways the game could be extended. Maybe we should be more impressed with the fact that DICE are more focused in the quality of the game itself before revealing any DLC news.

Would you be disappointed if there was no DLC for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst? Let us know your thoughts below.

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