No Cross Play Functionality for Resident Evil Umbrella Corps

Resident Evil Umbrella Corps will not have any cross play functionality on PlayStation 4 and PC, according to Capcom.

Resident Evil Umbrella Crops is heading to PlayStation 4 and PC. The game turns this third person horror series into an online multiplayer first person shooter. It’s an interesting and fresh take on this classic franchise.

One that question that is always asked if a multiplayer game is released on PC and PS4, is that will there be cross play between the two platforms?

Surely, console fans would love to take on the PC Master Race and test their metal, but unfortunately that won’t happen.

According to Capcom, PS4 and PC players won’t be able to play with or against each other as there is no crossplay between the two platforms.

Also, speaking about why the game isn’t releasing for consoles such as Xbox One and Wii U, Capcom said that they were focused on PS4 development only.

Resident Evil Umbrella Corps won’t have any campaign, and will follow the events of Resident Evil 6. Interesting details but we would love to see more gameplay from Umbrella Corps.

Resident Evil Umbrella Corps is without a release date but it is expected to hit stores sometime during early 2016.

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