No Battle Royale for State of Decay 2, Dev Explains Why

State of Decay 2 is releasing on Xbox One and PC, and although it seems perfect for a Battle Royale mode, there won’t be any. According to State of Decay 2 developers Undead Labs, there is nothing left for them to harvest.

Speaking about Battle Royale genre, “It really is an offshoot of survival games,” Undead Labs design director Richard Foge said.

But it’s like there’s this field of wheat, right? And somebody built this perfect, glorious combine and went over that field of wheat. If somebody then comes up and asks you… ‘Would you also like to build a combine to go over this field of wheat?’ I’m like… there’s no wheat left!

These giant combines have been rolling through this space – there’s nothing left for us to harvest. I would much rather us focus on what we’re doing, trying to find something unique in the space to excite and inspire them. Some new thing as opposed to trying to follow what other folks are doing, trying to see what scraps I can get from that

Undead Labs isn’t the biggest development studio in the world so they have focused on their target audience. According to Undead labs, one must know who the target audience and who they are making this game for. A small team focusing on survival elements as well as Battle Royale wouldn’t be an easy thing to do.

The game is releasing on Xbox One and PC on May 22. Preorders for the game are now live and a technical test is going to be held before the game’s release.

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Source: VG247

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