Nioh 2 Village of the Cursed Blossoms Kodama Locations Guide

Kodamas make a return in Nioh 2, with every 5 Kodamas you collect granting you an elixir for that specific region. This guide will help you with all the Nioh 2 Village of the Cursed Blossoms Kodama Locations.

Nioh 2 Village of the Cursed Blossoms Kodama Locations

There are a total of 7 Kodamas scattered throughout Village of the Cursed Blossoms.

These Kodama locations are pretty straightforward but if you still end up missing some, you can always go back through the mission select menu and collect them.

The 7 locations where the Kodamas are located in Village of the Cursed Blossoms are listed below.

Kodama Location #1
The first Kodama will be at the first shrine at the start of the mission. You might need to open the shortcut gate first to access the Kodama. Defeat the large bull enemy and then look for a Cherry Blossom Tree to your right and go towards it to find the path back to the gate and the Kodama nearby.

Kodama Location #2
From the shortcut gate, head right across the bridge until you reach the shack with the fog wall. Go through it, defeat the enemy that awaits you. Continue on the path and then take a left and then another left that will point you in the same direction as the shack you came from. Keep walking and you will reach the Kodama.

Kodama Location #3
Go towards the second shrine outside the village. When you reach the area with lots of houses and enemies. Go to the house with the archer waiting for you and destroy the crates on the left side of the house then head behind it to reach the Kodama.

Kodama Location #4
Head into the village and make you way along the path on throught the village until you reach an axe wielding enemy next to a house with a ladder on it. Inside this house with the ladder next to the entrance is the Kodama behind some baskets.

Kodama Location #5
Head outside the house from location 4 and turn right to continue on the path until you reach another fog wall. Clear the instance and then check for the kodama behind the house on the left.

Kodama Location #6
Head into the bamboo forest and continue on the main path till you reach the red Torii gate. Go up the stairs behind the gate and turn right to find the Kodama behind the first lantern.

Kodama Location #7
The last kodama is near the gate that you open with the Inner Shrine Key.

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